How can you make your TikTok page thrive? 3 Working Ways to Find an Audience Quickly

The number of active users of TikTok is more than 1 billion people per month – these are incredible results for a site that started its work only 6 years ago. At the same time, many SMM experts did not even imagine that the application, whose main audience was children and teenagers, could become a real marketing tool. Entrepreneurs and influencers realized that most of their fans use this network, and started their blogs here to expand an audience.

If you’re a novice TikTok creator and want your profile to become as popular as possible and videos to go viral, you need to act wisely and have a vision of how to quickly and effectively attract new viewers. We have created this article to help you at the initial stage and give you the necessary information about promotion on the youth platform.

  • Paid services. You see, when you just start your video blog, users take you lightly – the account is empty and looks raw. In addition, the clips of newcomers get into the recommendation feed very rarely, most of the videos in the top are the content of well-known makers who already have several hundred or thousands of fans. When creating a subscriber base, you can choose what is right for you – a free and long process, or a fast and paid one. 

Usually ambitious bloggers opt for the second option, because it does not have to spend a lot of time and effort. They delegate  tasks to special advertising companies that offer to buy TikTok followers cheap. At the same time, you will regularly receive accounts of real people, not bots or fakes. This means that you will not be blocked for violating the rules, and the page will continue to grow.The account will instantly look more attractive to potential subscribers, and a large number of fans will encourage them to subscribe to you. Try it!

  • Cross-promotion. Promoting your creativity directly in TikTok is not all you need for audience growth. If you want the process to be simple and easy, we advise you to publish clips on several resources at once, where you have personal or professional profiles. Short video formats are popular everywhere – you can post clips on YouTube and Instagram. 

Attach a link to your new TikTok page and ask readers to support you. Users don’t show interest and you see a small number of clicks on the link? Well, then you need to whet their interest – promise a nice bonus to those who start following you. People are happy to perform simple actions for a cool wish list or a useful guide, and it’s a great chance for you to get more followers.

  • Challenges.  Various activities are the heart of the youth network. If you’re here to please the audience with cool content, then we recommend that you take a closer look at the opportunity to participate in challenges. It’s available and free for everyone, regardless of whether you’re popular at the moment. 

Users often visit the “challenges” section to see which content is currently at the peak of popularity and find new interesting authors. Choose some of the most successful and fascinating scenarios, shoot a similar video, style it for your profile and write a thematic hashtag. Such videos often go viral and make their creators popular.

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