7 Gaming Accessories That Will Take Your Play to the Next Level

Gaming accessories have developed into their own niche over the last few years. And now, they’re almost as important as the games themselves. But it isn’t all a question of fashion and having the latest gadgets to impress your friends. There are also some health benefits involved when using these clever products. Keeping your eyes, ears and back happy during a long gaming session is essential if you’re going to reign supreme.

Today, we are going to take a look at seven of the most important and innovative gaming accessories that will help give you an edge over the competition.

Ergonomic gaming chair

Are you sitting comfortably? Because if you are not, then you could be creating some long-term problems for your back, neck and posture in general. Ergonomic gaming chairs are designed with the help of spine specialists and gamers too. Some high-profile gaming gods have spent many hours working in the labs helping doctors and designers get it right.

A gaming chair needs to offer full support for your entire body. Special attention is paid to the lumbar region and often these products will include headrests and armrests as well. It may not seem important, but keeping the arms elevated without putting a strain on your shoulders and upper back can’t be overstated enough.

Gaming chair material is also something to consider. Breathable and comfortable fabrics are a must if you’re going to be sitting there for quite some time. Cheap, fake leather will never be your friend in the long run.

And then there are the gaming chair accessories to think about as well. This apparatus is far more than just a place to park your backside while you enjoy a DOTA session, for example. Inbuilt speakers with bluetooth capability are becoming fairly standard additions. And then there are cup holders, snack trays and even controls for ceiling lights as well. The sky’s the limit if you’re prepared to invest.

Gaming desk

Many gamers don’t consider the immediate benefits of having a specific station where they can dock all their gear. Quite often, they will take over mum’s dining room table and forfeit the advantages that are available.

A gaming desk will have various ports for charging and connecting kit. It may be USB, HD and even headphone jacks as well. A master power unit might be attached underneath that connects to the mains electricity wherever you are playing. You are then able to connect all of your gear and keep it in optimum condition as you play.

And then there’s also the small matter of drawers and other sections for keeping things tidy. Gamers collect various kit and gadgets throughout their careers and it all needs somewhere to be stored safely.

Curved gaming monitor

Gaming is all about the immersive experience. And nothing quite immerses you in the whole adventure quite like a curved, full HD monitor. This powerful bit of kit engulfs your regular and peripheral vision at the same time making it feel like you are right there in the thick of the action.

Another major health benefit can be found with this tech. Being able to catch images out of the corner of your eye means you don’t need to keep twisting your neck to one side to see where the enemy is coming from. You’ll stay on top of your game while keeping your head straight and firmly fixed in the game.

It isn’t only action games that feel the full benefits of a curved monitor. Other types, such as casino games can also be enhanced. The best slots online and other titles can really push a monitor’s capabilities to the limits so there is no point in scrimping on this part of the gaming experience. 


There are many different types of headsets available. And the most popular are the basic speaker and mic setup. Chatting with the rest of your crew as you make your way through a map is essential if you’re going to perform to the best of your team’s ability. Things to consider include the material and quality of the earpiece to make sure that it remains comfortable and gives you the best quality sound throughout a session. The microphone also needs to pick up important details under pressure. Sometimes, even the most quietly muttered sounds can help your team know what you’re thinking.

VR headsets are also becoming super popular. As the technology becomes more accessible for many people’s wallets, they are starting to become a common sight in regular houses across the world. Virtual reality takes gaming to a whole new level and it is possible that this tech will completely overtake our regular gaming experience that we know and love today.

Surround sound speakers

It isn’t only the game’s visuals that take you right to the heart of the gaming experience. Game sound effects and backing tracks are also an essential element. Without them, the adventure just would not seem the same. And there’s no point getting this part of the experience through a couple of tiny 20-watt speakers sat next to your monitor. You might want to consider a subwoofer and surround sound system to take the immersion to the next level.


Getting to where you need to be while setting up a game, for example, can be fiddly when using a control pad. A Bluetooth keyboard can make life so much simpler.

Sometimes, there are essential instructions that need to be keyed in to get a game underway or even during an important mission. Make sure it is compatible with the rest of your gear and that some of the function buttons present are the ones that you require.


While most game consoles will come with their own iconic control pads, sometimes you need something a little more appropriate for the game you are playing. And this is especially true if you’re into flight simulator titles. Controlling aircraft using handsets is possible, but it doesn’t give you the lifelike experience and finesse. Making delicate maneuver using small buttons is not the perfect solution. Consider a highly responsive joystick that can enhance the experience and take your level of control beyond your wildest dreams.

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