The Rise of Mobile Games: Why Are They So Popular?

Mobile gaming has taken the world by storm. In fact, it’s probably a fair bet to say that pretty much everyone you know has some sort of game on their phone, whether it is one they have had on their device for a while or they are downloading a new one every five minutes for their entertainment. There are plenty of reasons why these games are so popular, but it is likely to fall into one or more of these key areas. 

#1 Convenience 

Convenience seems to be what makes our world go round these days, and because of this, mobile gaming has reached new levels of popularity. Everyone always has their cell phones on them, so of course, they are going to go on it when they are bored or are waiting for something. Games are the perfect time filler and a great source of entertainment. 

#2 The range of games on offer

One quick look online will tell you there are an almost eye-watering number of mobile games available to you. You might find that this is a great boredom killer, as you can have a multitude of games at your disposal at any point. For example, just playing online slots gives you a massive amount of variety, as there are regular slots, jackpot slots, and those that might be linked in some way to something you are already very familiar with – like a famous board game or your favorite TV show. 

#3 Choice

As a follow-on from the point above, there is a huge amount of choice, so you aren’t going to get bored. Every game is a little different, so if you like puzzle games, you can have as many on your phone as they allow. You also have a huge choice of free games and paid games, meaning that you can choose whether you are going to pay to play or not. 

#4 They can be easy to build

This means that production companies can keep on building them and making them available on regular app platforms like Google Play or the AppStore. This is great for sequels, especially seeing as most mobile games are simple clicker games. They can be easy to build due to their repetitive nature, so they can be very cheap to build, too. 

#5 Trends

Games can also follow trends to make sure they don’t lose an audience and keep any income rolling in. Due to their ease of building, if something catches the market’s attention, there is going to be a lot of pressure to get a similar game on the market, as seen with the short-lived sensation of Flappy Bird in late 2013 and the multitude of city building games that seem to ape each other.

#6 They are relaxing

As mentioned above, they are good ways to pass the time, but they can also be relaxing and help people learn skills and use their brains. This diverting behavior can be a great way to help people when they are anxious or stressed or simply help them when it comes to fighting boredom and stopping their minds from wandering into areas they would rather it didn’t. 

Final thoughts

In conclusion, there are a lot of reasons why mobile gaming has taken off in the way it has. For a start, they are convenient before you get to the fact that there is a huge amount of choice and range available to players of all ages and markets. They are also easy for developers to make, and therefore it is easy to ride on trends, and they are seen as a good way to relax.

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