Before Playing Online Casino Games, Check This Bonuses Guide

If you are just starting out playing at online casinos, it can all seem a bit intimidating. Even if you’ve played before and are just coming back after a break, what is on offer can seem confusing, with each of the online casinos competing with each other to put the most attractive welcome bonus in front of you.

Before you proceed, it might be handy to have an idea about what is involved with the various types of bonuses you can get so you know what to expect and make the right choice for the best experience.

A no-deposit bonus

This type of bonus is very much an ‘entry level’ offer. As the name suggests, you don’t have to commit any of your own cash (although you will have to sign up), and it gives you a chance to use the casino to see what it is like. These offers will typically restrict you to playing just a couple of slots or table games but can let you get a real flavor for the casino.

Unfortunately, these offers aren’t that common, and searching for one might take longer than you’d like. If you Visit GO or a similar site, they are likely to have a list of all the current offers, including casinos with an active no deposit bonus. Another great option for online casinos is PowerPlay Casino.

Deposit match bonuses

These are the most common types of welcome bonuses and could almost be the dictionary definition of too much choice. Each online casino you visit is likely to have one of these, each with its own slight variation to try and stand out from the competition.

In basic terms, the online casino will reward you by adding to your deposit by a given percentage, most typically 100%. This effectively doubles your money, and you can understand why these are so popular. Different casinos will have different upper limits for the bonus amount, so those with larger deposits will have to look more carefully than those with smaller amounts.

A quick word about wagering requirements

As there is no such thing as a free lunch, both no deposit offers and bonus match offers are likely to have wagering requirements, so you can’t simply withdraw the extra funds in your account. You will typically have to play through the balance a defined number of times before you can access the bonus amount as your own.

Risk-free play

This is a rarer type of bonus but is an especially good fit for those who don’t like the wagering requirements that would usually accompany the other types of offers. How this works is that you make your deposit, and any net losses between your starting balance and the end of the ‘risk-free’ period (often 24 hours) are refunded to your account as free bets.

Final thoughts

Online casinos can seem big and imposing and have a huge muddle of information. However, by deciding what type of bonus is likely to suit you best, you can approach the business of getting started with a whole lot more confidence and have a better experience overall.

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