The Best Doppler Knife in CS:GO – Karambit

Karambit is definitely considered one of the best knives in CS:GO. It is highly appreciated by the game fan community, and professional players such as Joshua Marzano (jdm64), Yesper Wecksell (JW), Nathan Schmitt (NBK), and others, prefer this weapon on the battlefield. While being extremely popular among players, this knife can be customized by the application of skins. In this review, we will take a look at the Karambit Doppler skin, and discover its price, design, and other features.

Skin description

On 8 January 2015, the CS:GO Karambit Doppler knife first appeared in the game within the Chroma 3 Case. This skin can also be obtained by unpacking the Chroma 1 and Chroma 2 cases, and this is certainly one of the most popular picks according to available analytics. The rarity of the skin is Covert, which justifies its relatively high price. Indeed, this is an ultra-rare skin, with a 1:4 drop chance.

The Doppler skin has an interesting design to which careful attention should be paid. This Karambit is painted with an Anodized Multicolor pattern and has the typical Doppler finish. In fact, this design has several skin variations or phases:

  • Phase 1 — the black color dominates over red;
  • Phase 2 — has a predominance of red (pink) color, much more than black;
  • Phase 3 —the black color dominates over blue (in rare cases, green may also be visible);
  • Phase 4 — characterized by a predominance of blue over black.

Let’s arrange the phases by price: phase 2 is valued the most as it is the rarest. Next comes the 4th phase. Phases 1 and 3 are valued by default.

In addition to phases, you may encounter extremely rare Waves with the following coloring:

  • Ruby (100% blood-red knife);
  • Sapphire (100% blue knife);
  • Black Pearl (almost black knife, purple, and dirty green colors may appear in some cases). This is one of the rarest skins in the game.

The waves are a marbled pattern that comes in a variety of hues that make the knife rare compared to others. Prices for these knives are not specifically set, as they are extremely rare and are mostly owned by collectors. These three varieties of the Karambit Doppler skin are valued much higher than the four phases, however, despite the crazy rarity of Black Pearl, its price is usually lower than that of Ruby and Sapphire.

Unofficial patterns

Of course, you can also consider buying unofficial patterns, which are also quite rare:

  • Pink galaxy —70–90% of phase 2 is filled with pink. It usually requires an overpayment.
  • Blue sea — 70–90% of phase 4 is filled with blue. It usually requires an overpayment, as it is similar to Sapphire.
  • Fake black pearl — this pattern applies to phases 1 and 3. There are a lot of Karambits with almost no red or blue colors on one side. Since black prevails, people demand a huge overpayment for “black pearls”.

If you take Doppler skin exclusively for the game, then you must play at medium-maximum settings since Waves are almost invisible at minimum settings.

Where to buy/sell Karambit Doppler

DMarket is one of the most reliable and appreciated marketplaces for selling CS:GO weapons and skins. The price range significantly varies according to the float value of the Karambit Doppler:

  • The Factory New ST skin will cost you from $880;
  • The regular Factory New will cost you $840;
  • For Minimal Wear ST skin, the seller asks from $900;
  • For regular Minimal Wear skin, you will pay about $730.

As you can see, the price range is rather changeable, and sometimes, you can buy the Factory New Karambit Doppler cheaper than Minimal Wear. The only thing to sacrifice is the skin design.

A distinctive feature of DMarket is that it allows sellers and buyers to conduct direct deals. So, you don’t sell the item to the marketplace, but directly to the customer. You are free to negotiate on the price if you like the item but consider the rate too high. Having a stylish Karambit Doppler at your disposal is a great prerequisite for winning.

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