What Comes Next for Gaming?

As the market continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down, gaming as a whole is at the biggest it has ever been and changing platforms promise to keep this trend going – mobile remains as the biggest of the markets with a changing demographic pointed more toward a growing older audience and a focus on more casual gaming options – different apps ask the question of what can you get with Pinnacle VIP code? These online apps are taking big advantage of bonuses and microtransactions for example and will be one of the big names going forward. The growing world of esports is also contributing to the widespread successes being seen in gaming too, and whilst more targeted towards the younger audience as an opposite to the above, is growing amongst the older audience too.

For quite some time VR has been touted as the next big step forward – huge successes found in augmented reality did show the initial promise for extended reality and whilst VR has come a long way it still seems far from being where it needs to be as a mainstream option – cost remains high, performance remains middling – more approachable options on consoles are also in between too – Sony seems to be doubling down with the PSVR 2 which is touting increased performance and hopes to be the next big step forward, but Microsoft still don’t have any official support on the Xbox for the VR push.

Handheld gaming away from mobile does seem to be making waves once again too, whilst the Switch has been the premier option and remains at the top for all consoles, the recent release of the Steam Deck has shown that there’s still more demand for handheld options and could be a resurgence in the handheld market that has a focus on the hardware side to promote play of AAA titles and not just the more casual options that mobile gaming brings. For the time being, despite some bigger changes being seen in hardware, much of the same will be in the short-term future for gaming with mobile remaining the home for more casual players and the growing older audience and esports becoming more mainstream – more traditional sporting options could be the next target with games like FIFA and the NBA growing in popularity, but the current large games will certainly continue to lead the way in terms of audience size and player base too, but with hundreds of millions of viewers and a suggested three billion active gamers too, the numbers speak for themselves.

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