6 Money-Making Sites Every Sports Nerd Will Geek Out Over

Finding a way to support yourself and make a living after the pandemic has been hard, especially for sports fans. Whether you’re a classic sports nerd or a hardcore sports fanatic, this list has got you covered. Here’s a list of the best money-making sites on the market today, to help you help yourself. Check out these 6 sites to make a quick buck or get back on your feet in 2022!

1. Become a sports photographer

If you’re a sports fan with a good eye, one of the best ways to make money is through photography. Since sporting events have been up and running again for a while now, there’s a higher demand for sports photos. If you’re someone who goes to games often and has a decent camera, you can make a fine sum of money taking photos. Whether it’s little league, high school, college, or professional sports, there’s always a demand for high-quality photos. Sell your photos to a variety of places and channel your creativity!

2. Bet on sports

The easiest way to make a large amount of money as a sports nerd is to try your hand at betting on the games. Although it is a pretty high risk, if you know how to play by the rules, there’s always a pretty big reward at the end. 

You can start betting on sports from the comforts of your own home. There are classic cash betting sites like OlyBet Sports, or Cardano gambling sites if you’re more into cryptocurrencies. Do your research, find the platform best for you, and get to betting! Being successful at betting on sports does take some skill and finesse, but once you get good at it, you’re set for life!

3. Sell merch and memorabilia

If you’re a hardcore sports fan, chances are, you’ll have a lot of valuable sports merch and memorabilia. If not, chances are, you’ll know where to find them. A good way to make a living off of being a dedicated sports fan is to sell and resell merch and memorabilia. Do your research, find what collectors are looking for, and see what you can provide. Signed posters, jerseys, equipment, and gear are always a good bet. 

Vintage and valuable sports merch is always in high demand and can fetch for a pretty penny on Amazon or other marketplaces. Whether you’re willing to part with your own souvenirs is up to you, but you can make a killing selling them to the right buyer.

4. Start a blog

If you’re not one for collecting priceless memorabilia, you could always start a sports blog to make some money. As an avid sports fan, you have a lot to say about players, games, and other sports-related topics. You could turn your passion into a career by creating a blog and uploading daily or weekly entries. 

You can make money from paid advertisements, product placements, to the number of views and readers you get. From Wix to WordPress, from Blogger to Tumblr, there are plenty of places to start a blog. So channel your creativity, find a topic you’re most knowledgeable on or interested in, and start writing! 

5. Start a sports youtube channel

If writing is not your forte, as a sports fan you can make money in other ways commentating and documenting sports. Youtube is a fantastic platform for sports YouTubers, and it brings in millions of viewers every day. You could earn money from paid sponsorships, Adsense, and views. Whether you prefer to talk about the NFL, MLB, NBA, football, or Olympics, there’s an audience out there for you. Whether you decide to document or commentate, make an effort and work hard on your videos. Take some inspiration from the best sports youtube channels, and start your youtube journey today!

6. Play fantasy sports

Last but not least, if you want to make money as a sports fan, you could try your hand at playing fantasy sports. Fantasy Football and Baseball have a huge player base with plenty of people willing to pay for competitive leagues. The leagues are fun and extremely lucrative, making them a great choice for passionate sports fans looking to make a living. Like betting, you need to play your cards right to win big with fantasy sports. Use your sports knowledge to find and build a good team and to reap the rewards.

So there you have it! It’s possible to make a living off of being an avid sports fan, you just have to think outside the box! A great way to use your eye for sports to make money is to become a photographer. Take a chance and get good at betting on sports to win big. Get into the business of buying and selling precious sports memorabilia to make some serious cash.

Get creative with your love of sport and get paid by views and ads on your blog. If blogs aren’t your speed, try vlogging or making youtube videos instead! Last but not least, try making your own fantasy league to fund your love of the sport!

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