Exciting iGaming news in 2022

iGaming is a combination of online gaming and gambling. iGaming has seen a massive amount of growth in the past few years. However, the next frontier is here, and online casinos are thinking of new ways to provide their audiences with an epic gaming experience.

If you’re an avid iGamer and wondering what the industry has in store for you throughout 2022, here are some pieces of news to get excited for.

More states to legalize iGaming

The most significant barrier to iGaming in the US has always been legalization. Few states have traditionally had a positive relationship with gambling in any form.

However, many Americans got around the ban by registering with international casinos and using various alternative payment methods. Lawmakers have taken note of the demand – and the potential tax revenues.

New markets in North America for iGaming in 2022 include Ontario and Indiana. Connecticut has also launched its iGaming push. Fewer than 10 states currently offer legalized iCasinos, with much of the focus being on online betting.

With casinos forced to recognize state borders when allowing users to play, don’t expect to see a BetMGM casino no deposit bonus any time soon, unless you live in select states.

Virtual reality push for more immersive gaming

Virtual reality is fast becoming a factor in creating a more immersive gaming experience. Live dealer games have existed for some time, but virtual reality is transforming how they’re played.

This new technology is fast finding a home in the more prominent and smaller casinos. Now you can take advantage of dealer and player interaction, changing backgrounds and multiple camera angles.

The goal in 2022 is no longer to replicate the land-based casino experience but to improve on it. It should come as no surprise because virtual reality is also one of the top gaming developments of 2022.

Cryptocurrency and iGaming come together

Cryptocurrency has been front and center of new payment methods in recent years. Yet many online casinos have firmly resisted accepting cryptocurrency as a valid form of payment.

All that could be changing in 2022.

It makes sense, because crypto has been a part of online video games for a few years now. Worries over security, market regulations and coming into conflict with existing gambling legislation have turned online casinos away from accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular currencies in the past.

There have already been campaigns to make crypto a part of the iGaming world, and a group of cryptocurrency investors has organized a $1m poker tournament for the BTC Miami conference in April. It is expected to be one of the largest buy-in tournaments of all time.

This drive to raise awareness could be a record, with only organizations such as the World Series of Poker matching these buy-ins.

Bigger focus on mobile

It seems that casino games developers are set to double-down on mobile. The 5G rollout in Europe has given gamers access to faster, more stable internet connections.

Expect games to get more advanced, with superior graphics, sounds and gameplay, as the average smartphone can better handle it.

The increase in mobile gaming is also encouraging casino developers to concentrate on mobile over desktop.

Slots gamification

Slots have always been the core offering of online casinos, and iGaming has long seen the bulk of casino catalogs consisting of slots. The problem with this product is that the game is essentially the same throughout, with only some minor changes.

Developers have realized they need to examine further gamification possibilities, led by 5G and better overall technology.

Experience points, player duels and side quests are just some of the options you may see within the latest slots games in 2022.

Live dealer slots

Live dealer games have always been a massive hit with casinos, but what about the concept of live dealer slots?

The end of 2021 already saw certain live dealer slots offerings appearing on the market. These offerings included games such as Sweet Bonanza Candyland and Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, with live dealer graphics.

While it may not sound like a fundamental difference, live dealer slots are set to alter the core online casino offering.


It’s clear that iGaming is changing for the better in the coming years. 2022 is set to be a bumper year for online casinos as a whole. With 5G and the role of crypto altering the way people play, it will be interesting to see how the iGaming community reacts.

What development are you most looking forward to within iGaming in 2022?

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