A Look Back At The Top 7 Sega Genesis Sports Games

The Sega Genesis ushered in a new gaming era, acting as the spark that ignited the ongoing console wars. This console made Sega among the few companies that rivaled Nintendo in the video gaming market, with the Genesis helping numerous games like Sonic the Hedgehog to grow into multi-million-dollar franchises.

The Genesis is popular for offering innovative sports games and it was the console that made Madden, NHL, FIFA, and other EA Sports titles popular. Here’s a look back at the Sega Genesis top 7 sports games.

1. NBA Jam

NBA is one of the biggest sports leagues featured on the prominent sites offered on 247 bets, thanks to its popularity around the world. For Genesis players, NBA Jam is among the best sports games that every basketball fan will want to try. The game was initially developed by Midway for arcade gaming and found popularity thanks to its photo-realistic digital graphics, exaggerated style, and over-the-top presentation.

2. NHL 94

Developed by EA Sports for the Super NES, Sega Genesis, and Sega CD, NHL 94 remains the crown jewel of ice hockey games. The game is licensed by the NHL Players’ Association and the National Hockey League, being the third title in NHL’s media franchise.

3. Bill Walsh College Football 95

Released in 1994, the 95 Bill Walsh College Football game was developed by EA Sports for Sega Genesis. The game is developed on a solid foundation, with a logical playcall system, simple controls, and a gaming engine with lots of football-like stuff happening. The game is similar to madden, but it separates itself with slightly different running control, a slower passing style, cute graphics, and college-focused playbooks.

4. Madden NFL 95

A smooth-moving and offense-oriented football video game, Madden 95 is the fifth game in the Madden series on the Sega Genesis. The earlier versions were plagued by trouble with passing windows ruining passes on defense and offense, but EA sports wised up and Madden 95 gave glorious results. The game was built on a solid foundation, with gameplay that feels like real football.

5. Tecmo Super Bowl III

With cartoony football characters, the 1995 Tecmo Super Bowl III offers immediate fun. You won’t be doing much playing this game, as it features concise playbooks, minimalist graphics, a quick-paced game for every play, and no penalties.

6. College Slam

College Slam is an Acclaim-published video game based on basketball, developed for the Sega Genesis, Super NES, Sega Saturn, PC, Gameboy, and PlayStation. The game features major Division I colleges, but it doesn’t feature teams from the University of Notre Dame, the University of Tennessee, and Mississippi State University. Additionally, you can play a season, a single game, or a tournament.

7. Coach K College Basketball

Coach K College Basketball was created as the first video game based on college basketball. The game was developed by EA sports and launched on Sega Genesis and endorsed by Duke’s coach Mike Krzyzewski. Its gameplay has received a lot of criticism over the years, with some users citing defensive strategy and rebounding as difficult and unauthentic. However, it has remained the best attempt at capturing the excitement of March Madness.

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