Gamification and Online Casinos: Rise of an Industry

Gamification has come to online casinos in a big way. Players can now earn rewards for their loyalty and participate in exciting tournaments with massive prize pools. By using game mechanics such as point scoring, leveling-up, and achievements, casinos can keep players engaged and coming back for more.

Online casinos are an incredibly popular way to gamble today. They offer convenience and a huge variety of games, making them a top choice for many people. However, online casinos also come with some risks that you need to be aware of before you start playing, and review sites like Japan-101 can help you with this. They provide reviews on the best online casinos in the industry to help you make an informed decision, so if you’re wondering where to start, click here to read about kakekkorinrin casino reviews. By reading these reviews you can rest assured that you’ve made the right choice and you can start betting real money. However, there are aspects of online casinos that haven’t been looked at closely yet.

In this blog post, we take a look at how gamification is being used by online casinos to increase player engagement and improve retention rates. We also discuss the benefits of gamification for both players and casinos alike. So, if you’re interested in learning more about gamification and its impact on online casinos, read on!

What is Gamification?

The biggest question right now is what is gamification? Well, to put it quite simply, gamification is the process of including elements from video games into practically anything. In terms of online casinos, it would be including elements from video games in order to increase the engagement of users, as well as increase the appeal of online casinos.

You might be wondering how gamification increases engagement from the user, and that is because using elements from video games increases the immersion that online casino games have to offer. By doing this, online casinos can provide more value for the products they are offering.

How Have Games Changed?

The phrase “video game elements” is quite broad, and for someone who hasn’t heard of gamification in the casino industry, it might not be clear how casino games have changed. The best example would be scoreboards.

If anyone played the classic Pacman games at the arcade, they might remember people playing profusely to reach the top spot. Online casino games now include scoreboards, which were first implemented by arcade games. There are many more additions that have been made, from storylines, to voice acting, missions, customizable characters, and more. Each of these additions can be attributed to video gaming innovations.

Is There More Narrative?

One of the main ways that online casino games and even many casino games in physical casinos have changed, is the implementation of narrative in the game. The classic casino games of old, such as slots, for example, would only be the reels and the combinations made which resulted in money being won.

Today’s online casino games now include a storyline, with missions and quests to beat on the way, and levels to clear. A great example would be Casino Heroes, since not many online casinos at that time attempted to blend video game elements, such as an endgame objective and multiple quests along the way, into casino games the way they did. This narrative gives players a reason to continue playing the game, aside from wanting to earn money.

How Does This Impact the Player?

As mentioned above, the point of gamification is to enhance the experience of the player, and provide immersion, which adds value to the experience. One of the biggest ways that players are impacted is the fact that it does indeed provide more immersion.

For example, online slot games are the least likely to be thought of as immersive, however, recent slot games are immersing players like never before. You can get a combination of symbols that will open up a secret level, much like classic video games of old. More than this, you can travel to different maps that have themed games depending on the environment that was traveled to, and more.

Social Casino Gaming

One of the biggest contributing factors to the rise of gamification in online casino games was social gaming. A little while ago, games began immerging on social media platforms like Facebook. These games were essentially online casino games, except you couldn’t win real money, but you could spend real money to buy in-game currency.

These games were used as sort of a testing ground to see the levels of engagement from players, how many people would play these games, how many people would spend money on in-game items, and how various elements of video gaming influenced players. Once the research was done, companies within the online casino industry saw the potential that gamification had, which resulted in the types of games that are seen today.

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