Here’s five timeless SEGA Genesis single-player games you should play

Upon its launch in 1989, the Sega Genesis was definitely a wonderful system. With blockbuster franchises like Sonic and Mortal Kombat, the PlayStation was able to compete with the SNES games – an incredible achievement considering how many series were exclusive to Nintendo’s system. On the other hand, the Genesis was no slouch when it came to gaming. Not only did it include exclusives like Streets of Rage 2 and Altered Beast, but it also had Sega Channel, a unique subscription service. This provided owners with rotating access to some of the system’s top games, similar to how PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass work today.

Sega’s status as a system maker will eventually end, but Genesis remains the company’s finest achievement. There are several SEGA single player games you can find, whether you want a harsh platforming game or a relaxing aquatic experience.

Moonwalker by Michael Jackson

Even though the King of Pop is no longer alive, his legacy lives on. The home console version of the game was more of a platformer, focusing around Jackson’s dance-fueled adventure to liberate a bunch of abducted children from the hands of one Mr. Big, whilst the arcade version was more of a beat-em-up.

Caesar’s Palace – Genesis

This casino game, released at the height of the Sega Genesis’ popularity, took advantage of the 16-Bit system’s extra capability to offer features and games that the Master System couldn’t match.

This game sought to provide players with a more authentic casino experience by allowing them to roam around a casino and select which game to play. They could also connect with casino employees, such as security guards, who would advise on winning games and live the high-roller lifestyle.

The conventional casino games like poker and roulette were complemented with horse racing, slot machines, and even ‘scratch and win’ cards that could be purchased from the virtual casino’s ATM machine. This Sega casino game remains a popular choice like any others that can be found in gambling sites in Thailand.

Comix Zone

There’s no denying that superhero video games have been there from the beginning, but few have embraced the aesthetics of comic books like Comix Zone. Sketch Turner, a penniless artist, and his rat buddy, Roadkill, appear in this funny game produced by Sega Technical Institute and released during the last wave of Genesis titles. Turner is effectively trapped within his own comic book by the nefarious Mortis, forcing him to fight his way through six stages of Mortis-sketched creatures and situations in order to live.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

There’s a reason why it is considered to be the quintessential Sonic game, and almost unquestionably the pinnacle of this rocky franchise. It achieves almost everything well, relying on the original Sonic’s enticing concept and fleshing out the details while ramping up the speed.

Its appealing presentation, with brilliant graphics, engaging songs, and inventive, colorful settings, is a crucial component in its longevity. But, with more complexity in the story and a fantastic multiplayer mode, Sonic 2 was able to truly take off, establishing its status as a timeless classic.

Gunstar Heroes

One peculiar feature that distinguishes video games from other forms of expression is that technological limitations can render some games outdated. Despite the fact that no one can fault Hemingway or Citizen Kane for their age, several games from the 80s and 90s are a hassle to play today, whether due to visuals, design decisions, or other factors. Gunstar Heroes is a fantastic illustration of how genuinely timeless games combine a clean graphic design with simple mechanics.

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