Reasons for surge in gaming during the pandemic

The pandemic saw a major surge in gaming around the world. With enforced lockdown in most parts of the world and the fear of going out and getting sick, More and more people have taken up playing games to entertain themselves and fill up the time they have on their hands. However, studies have shown that the rise in gaming serves more than just occupying idle minds. pandemic gaming has helped people to cope with the new normal. It has brought so many benefits that have helped many people adapt to the drastic changes in daily living that the pandemic has brought with it.

A Sense of Agency

The pandemic brought with it a feeling of fear and helplessness. The right to move around freely had to be taken away momentarily to protect lives. This meant they can’t go to work or simply hang out even if they wanted to. People do not like to feel stuck and helpless. For most folks, gaming is the one way they’ve been able to regain a sense of control over their lives and the conditions around them, even if only virtually. For those who lost their jobs as a result of the lockdown, gaming provides both entertainment and an alternate source of income. Since traditional gaming houses have been shut down, alternate sites like this new casino online platform have become wildly popular.

Improve Mood and Mental Health

Being cooped in the house all day is unusual in today’s time and society. The lockdown has seen a wild surge in reports of mental health illnesses like depression and anxiety. Some have even had fatal conclusions. Video and online games have greatly helped to improve the mood of players by distracting them from the fact that they are locked up at home with nowhere to go. This in turn has helped to protect their mental health. By giving them an outlet to relieve stress and relax.


Another reason why gaming has increased since the beginning of the pandemic is that it provides an escape for participants. The game world offers the player an alternate reality from their own. The reality of a highly infectious virus floating around and taking lives is enough to make the toughest realist want to disappear from this world for a while and that is what games offer. A world that is sickness-free and which a player can virtually run free in for a few hours. The brief reprieve is what compels more people to engage in games.


People have had to adjust to the new normal courtesy of the pandemic. Quarantine and social distancing have made it difficult for people to connect and relate with each other. This Is highly detrimental for social creatures like people. there have been so many negative consequences as a result. Gaming has helped, to a significant degree, to temper the disruptive effect it has had on daily living. People can socialize through gaming platforms and sites. Whole communities are built around these platforms. It allows people with similar interests to connect and relate thus easing the negative effects of isolation from other people.


It is only natural that gaming surged all over the world. The effects of the pandemic have had very debilitating consequences but thanks to activities like games, it is tolerable and helps people get by

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