Why Group Discussions Are the Key to Your Academic Success

Many students desire to pass examinations with good scores. But, excelling in exams requires dedication and hard work. You have to spend many hours in the library, consult with your teachers and revise your notes. In addition, you should not miss classes.       

There are other secrets to passing your examinations.  One of them is the utilization of group discussions.  Look for some of your friends, and discuss the concepts introduced in class.  Select people who are serious with their education and their goals aligned to yours. Otherwise, you may fail to get study mates to help you understand complex issues arising in class.                                    

Well, why am I advancing for the use of group discussions to study? One reason is that it is an effective way of getting new knowledge. You get to learn from your peers. They are in a better position to explain the problematic class concept because they understand your weaknesses.

Also, because you are close to your study, it is easier to ask questions and get an immediate response. It is because of this fact that I recommend you to form group discussions when in class. Other reasons that make this an effective method of learning include:

1. Generates more ideas

What is a better way to get new ideas and concepts about a topic than from group discussion? This is made possible because students have different ideas about tackling a problem. For instance, when it comes to solving issues on climate change, your idea may be different from that of others.  You will get to learn about these diverse solutions when you engage in group discussions.       

2. It identifies your weaknesses

Group discussions will help you identify your weaknesses. For instance, when explaining a concept, your peers may point out an issue wrongly explained. This would help you rectify the mistakes.

Many students have academic weaknesses. You included. To pass your examinations, you have to identify your weak point. Then, work on them while improving your academic strengths. For instance, if you are weak in solving calculus assignments, dedicate time to understanding the topic.  Read books, ask your peers for help, and then acquire the skills to solve the questions.  

3. Improves presentation and social skills

Did you know that proper presentation of your work would improve your chances of getting high scores in the subject?  Yes, it does. 

When in groups, you will present your points. Here, you get to learn the effective methods of presenting your ideas and communicating with your peers. Use the skills acquired to write and present research papers to your teacher. Professional essay writers can help you produce presentable documents.

4. Group discussions will improve your listening skills

Group discussions will allow you to listen to your peers and understand what they are saying. You need good listening skills to pick out an essential point from the presentation of your study mates.  If you don’t have this capability, then your peers will help you.

5. An effective way of preparing for your examination      

Have you reached a point where you find it difficult to read your notes?  This is common that happens to students. You may face this difficulty because of the tension associated with an upcoming examination.

 The solution is to invite your friends and discuss your coming examinations.  Talk about the strategies of tackling the test, the paper structure, and possible questions.  But, there are other methods of revising the paper. These include: 

  • Past exam papers: Look at past questions and try to solve them. These documents will give you an idea of the paper structure and what to expect.    
  • Reflect: Look for a quiet place and reflect on your class notes.  This process will help you understand what your teacher taught you.      
  • Consult your teachers: Make friends with your tutors, and ask them questions on their subjects. You will get surprised at how they will help you understand the class notes. They may also give you tips on strategies to use in passing an examination.

6. Expands your social networks

You get to make new friends and associations when you study in groups. Some of your group members may be new acquaintances, and it’s an opportunity to build friendships.  These connections can help you in the future when you are looking for work.    

Final Thoughts

Group discussions are an effective way of improving your academics. You get to learn from others and develop new ideas about your topic.  It is also an opportunity to enhance your presentation skills. These capabilities are crucial to writing flawless and presentable essays.       

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