Designing a New SEGA Handheld

Sega has been out of the mainstream console space for a long time, as we fans know all too well. While we also know the company has seen some major successes in development and publishing since that point, there’s also an undeniable if nebulous appeal towards the systems of old. The Genesis/Mega Drive, the Dreamcast, and even the Master System were all personal favorites, but they’re difficult systems to find today. Hardware decay and the cost of collector’s items make buying original systems untenable, but this isn’t the only way forward.

With the right knowledge, you can still find unofficial Sega handhelds today. Taking a look at a couple of standout options, we want to explore how emulation can be a great way forward, both for classic Sega titles and experiences far beyond.

“Sega Dreamcast Home Video Game Console,” by France1978

What Options do You Have?

The easiest possible way to engage with classic Sega titles is through your mobile phone. Chances are you already have one, and it’s more than likely that the phone you use is much more powerful than the old Sega systems ever were. To this end, all players need to get started is to head a site like Maketecheasier to guide them on their journey. You might also consider pairing a Bluetooth controller with the system, for much more streamlined input.

The other option is to purchase a third-party dedicated emulation device such as the ones at Retrododo. These will tend to be more expensive but can be a much more organic and comfortable way to drop into classic Sega titles. Just be sure you’re aware of the button layouts on these systems before going down this route, to avoid complications.

What Can a Handheld Do?

Ultimately, this depends on the operating system of your device. While we’ve been targeting Sega games primarily, these above options will also be flexible to a wide range of other classic and contemporary interactive entertainment experiences.

On the simpler scale are other emulated handheld and emulated titles. If your system can emulate Dreamcast effectively, then it should also be able to handle games of, and before, the sixth console generation (PS2 and Xbox). Just note that, even at this point, some of these games can struggle a bit with compatibility.

Outside of video games, players could also use systems with web browsers to play a range of web titles like online casino games. These tend to have low demands, so they should play just fine on even less-powerful systems. In addition, since these offer full functionality, players will also be able to claim extras like the Fanduel codes for things like deposit matches, risk-free play, and bonus cash promotions. With exclusive free-to-play options and promotional codes available, it’s clear that low-cost online casino gaming is viable on your handheld device’s web browsers.

“Sega” (CC BY 2.0) by Domenic K.

The best thing about taking these routes to play classic Sega titles, other than being able to play games on the run, is that they’re easier to operate than they might seem. Within an afternoon most users will be able to understand everything they need to jump right in. For nostalgia on the go, or to experience something you missed, consider these options, and don’t blame us if you get sucked in.

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