Evil Genius Rocket League team looks to continue esports success

There have been many notable esports teams over the past several decades, like Team Liquid, Fnatic, Cloud9 and SK Telecom T1, for example. But it’s hard to argue against the notion that Evil Geniuses has been one of the most prolific and longest-running esports teams still going today.

Although it’s been awhile since Evil Geniuses established a new roster  — they last debuted a team for Valorant in January — but that just changed with the recent announcement that they’d be fielding a Rocket League team for this upcoming e-sports season, which has esports betting fans very excited.

“In our discussions with [Rocket League’s publisher] Psyonix, we were impressed with the direction they are taking with the RLCS, and the competitive ecosystem they are building for the future,” said Nicole LaPointe Jameson, CEO of Evil Geniuses. “Combine that with the explosion in popularity, especially after going free-to-play, we knew EG had to be involved. We’re excited to teach the RLCS what it means to #LIVEEVIL.”

Evil Genius newcomers

Known as EG Rocket League, the newest member of the Evil Genius roster will compete in the 2021-2022 Rocket League Championship Series. The team consists of Leonardo “Catalysm” Crist Ramos, Ivan “ivn” Sabri, Riccardo “Rizex45” Mazzotta and Coach Kuno “Mumen” Hildebrandt.

The team was previously known as “German Amigos” and boasted an impressive 75-percent match win rate since March 2021.

“This roster of young and talented players deserves to be backed up by one of the best organizations in the industry and we believe our team will compete with the best right out the gate,” said Danny Engels, Gaming Excellence Director at EG. “We didn’t enter Rocket League just to passively compete; we are here to win championships.”

To celebrate Evil Genius competing in more esports divisions, the team released a custom EG Rocket League battle-car skin, complete with home and away in-game decals, which is available in the new Esports Shop.

Evil Genius e-sports Rocket League

Evil Geniuses and e-sports longevity

Few esports clans can say they’ve boasted the consistency that Evil Genuises have shown throughout its lifetime.

The Evil Geniuses’ Dota 2 squad were crowned champions at the International 2015, where they defeated CDEC in a tense 3-1 victory in the best-of-five series. The team won $6.6 million of the overall prize pool of more than $18 million, which was the largest prize payout in esports history at the time.

Today, Evil Genius fields teams competing in several divisions, including Dota 2, Counter-Strike, League of Legends and now Rocket League. It will be interesting to see if Evil Genius can continue its competitive streak into this decade, much like it has the past several.

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