Grand Theft Auto V

The last and highest (for now) point in the series was GTA V. Almost everything in it is perfect: if previously GTA was adored despite all its shortcomings, now there are no obstacles for boundless love.

GTA V is a huge set of the most vivid situations and random encounters in the city. It is, for the first time in the series, a solid, sag-free plot about midlife crises, robberies, and psychopaths. It’s a gigantic variety of possibilities, from playing tennis to hunting. And, of course, the astounding attention to detail: the physics of the flip-flops on the characters’ feet, for example, or the ability to set the gasoline track on fire with the supercar exhaust.

After the release the developers have not stopped: the version for next-generation consoles got refreshed graphics, more content, and even a first-person view, and the network component is regularly updated to this day.


This game shows the lives of the main characters and tries not to shift attention to secondary characters. There will be no people with their own stories, just the main thread. The company has thoughtfully switched from character to character, telling their stories in a way that makes their lives separately and in threesomes clear. After a few hours of play, the characters’ ideas seem based on reality, as they all have their dreams: a big house, a fancy car, or a solid family.

This game is not boring and too serious, there are millions of funny dialogues. It is GTA V developed in the genre of tragic comedy and brings a lot of bright colors, completely different from the previous version’s graphics and physics.


  • Michael – works with a psychologist to regain his family’s good attitude toward him, and to get rid of his criminal past. But, according to the plot of the game, all efforts will be in vain, and fate will lead him to new crimes, such as robbery.
  • Franklin is a young guy with almost no money, unlike the millionaire Michael. His dream is to make a lot of money in more or less legal ways, to buy a fancy house and a bunch of fast cars. Fate connects him with the boys, and together they plunge into a criminal world full of danger, after which Franklin’s life changes dramatically.
  • Trevor is a man with a broken psyche from the past Vietnam War, he is driven only by a lust for human deaths. His actions throughout the game are very unorthodox. It is through his personality that the developers showed the whole essence of the GTA line – brutality and fun.

Feature of the story

Thanks to the three main characters at once, Rockstar was able to avoid the dynamic drops that plagued many parts of the series. In addition, it allowed adding the “beaten down” Trevor to the game.

The fifth part never sagged for a second: as soon as the story was slowed down, the game would immediately “switch” us to another character. Retired criminal Michael constantly solves his family’s problems, gets his children out of trouble, and in between he organizes robberies; dark-skinned Franklin tries to escape from the slums, regularly getting into trouble; and insane Trevor occasionally organizes genocide of entire families, shooting down airplanes and torturing people. Almost all of the missions are surprising in some way: the naked escape from the morgue, where one of the heroes would sneak in by pretending to be dead, is worth mentioning.

It’s a special treat to listen to the crickets or enjoy the views. Zancudo Bay at sunset or the night lights of Los Santos, for example, look amazing.

The living world

Even while walking through the city there were thousands of different stories: take, for example, the rescue of a random man at a construction site. Yes, and at home, the hero was constantly something happened: the children quarreled, his wife uttered outright nonsense, and breaking into the room of his daughter, you could catch her at not the most improper activities.

The game is four years old, but it still manages to surprise me with little things like this…

How to hack GTA V for money?

If you need money in the game GTA V, and not just money, but very big money. Unfortunately, there are no codes for getting money in the game, so players have to look for workarounds. And if you can not or do not want to make money on your own, and honest way, then we offer you the following steps to hack money in GTA V.

1. The first way – is to download a trainer for GTA V, the one that you will like, and use it to get the money. The progress of the game after using the trainer will be saved, so you can not worry, the next time you download the preservation, you will have the same amount that you have hacked, minus the amount that has already managed to spend. In general, choose, download the trainer and go ahead.

2. The easiest and fastest way to hack money is GTA V MONEY GENERATOR. You do not need to download anything, everything can be done conveniently on the site. You only need to specify your name and the platform on which you play. And then you can enter the amount of money you want, and get it on your account to continue to enjoy all the delights of this game.

3. There was a way using the game bug for money, which allowed players to quickly earn the right amount of money. Unfortunately, this bug was on a very old version of the game, and in this build of the game no longer works.

4. Option hack GTA V for money with Artmoney – to do this, look at the Internet video guides and repeat everything as shown in the video.

5. How to hack money in GTA V with cheat codes. We must disappoint you, but this method does not work at the moment, simply because in the current version of the game such a cheat code does not exist.

Game progression.

When the game takes place for one character, the others are engaged in the usual everyday activities, so when you switch, the characters will not be in the last place left behind. Despite the dense plot, the game also implements the usual gangster “fun” – traffic violations, shootouts with residents or police officers, and more. Also, each character has his hobbies and missions, which should be performed only by a certain hero. The mission can be failed, passed with a normal score, or increased, as they all have additional tasks.


The bottom line of this article is that there is a lot of content in GTA V and it can keep the player busy for a long time if he goes through the whole game at 100%. Any mission can be replayed and the storyline with side quests or entertainment, to any player will not seem small. But on the other hand, no one likes coming up with different machinations to make money, which can take a lot of time if you decide to go through the whole game, so use the tips described above to enjoy all the tricks.

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