Retro SEGA Games Available On The Switch

Although SEGA hasn’t been in the console market since 2001 after Dreamcast’s demise, the company has a long history as a game creator and publisher. However, lots of fans are still fond of SEGA’s heyday, during a time when the company was releasing great platforms, controversial titles, and excellent arcade ports. Fortunately, the Switch proved to be a versatile gaming console due to its ability to dock to TV sets and get played handheld.

Here are retro SEGA titles that you can play on Switch and also test your skills playing games on WV Online casinos for fun. The brand has now expanded its portfolio by launching an app and can be downloaded on its own.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Every SEGA fan thinks about the Original Sonic game whenever retro gaming is mentioned. The 1991 title brought the SEGA Genesis console to the spotlight and gave Nintendo a huge competition, making the two engage in incredibly competitive “Console Wars” in the 90s.

What set this game apart was the speed, as Sonic was not a slow character that meandered through the levels. Instead, Sonic raced through every level in a fast-paced adventure, offering an incredible gaming experience that gamers had never seen.

Panzer Dragoon

In 2020, SEGA fans got a remaster of the classic Saturn game Panzer Dragoon. The on-rails shooter game involves players soaring through the air while shooting down enemies on a dragon’s back. One of the game’s main features is that gamers can move the camera angle, a critical feature in certain moments of combat.

Space Harrier

This third-person rail shooter game was initially released in 1985 in arcades and was adopted to the Master System and the ill-fated 32X. In this title, the character named Harrier needs to use a jet-powered gun and save an alien world.

While Space Harrier isn’t known for having a gripping story, its fast-paced gameplay is excellent. Although Space Harrier offers better graphics, its action and speed create a fun experience similar to Star Fox on SNES. Even better, the game’s version on Switch has better controls and frame rate, leading to a smooth gaming experience.

Herzog Zwei

In Herzog Zwei, players have fun operating a flying battle mech. Using the mech, gamers can buy and deploy troops hoping to overtake enemy bases. The game is considered among the first real-time strategy titles ever, pre-dating Dune II by about three years.

Players will most likely note there are several rough similarities to games like StarCraft, proving that Herzog Zwei had lasting power on the genre. Fortunately, the Switch version also features an online multiplayer mode to allow friends to battle each other.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Commercially and critically, this game is considered among the best Sonic titles ever created. SEGA took everything that worked in their first game and added things like a new character known as Miles Prower “Tails,” 3D bonus rounds, expanded level designs, and multiplayer options.

Naturally, Sonic the Hedgehog was critically acclaimed on release, and it went ahead to feature in different Sonic game collections. The game also went ahead to receive ports to the Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, and 2013 remaster. The Switch version allows players to participate as Knuckles, a character who was initially only unlockable with the Sonic 2 cartridge docked on Sonic and Knuckles.

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