Madden NFL 22 is Out: Is It Worth Buying?

Yes, it is that time of the year when we got a fresh new football action wrapped in a Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes cover called the Madden NFL 22 but is it worth buying?

Well, let’s dig deeper and find out more about what’s changed from the last year’s game.

The NFL Franchise has always been about how the game feels, and over the past couple of years, fans had some complaints about some of the modes that haven’t received an update for a while.

However, the Madden NFL 22 sounds promising and it seems like developers have finally started listening to fan’s suggestions.

It seems like EA Sports started developing this game with a clear vision of what they wanted to change adding some big tweaks that will result in more life-like football action.

Things We Love About Madden NFL 22

When it comes to Madden NFL 22, instead of focusing on adding new things to the game, EA started redesigning the already existing modes going through a major overhaul.

With every new game, people expect more realistic graphics and improved visuals, and it is safe to say that the new Madden NFL is right on the money. The first thing you’ll notice is how incredible the game looks, with an upgraded graphics that are much better than the last year’s game.

EA’s commitment to realism has no boundaries with this game, as they just introduced the new Dynamic Gameday, which is something new in the franchise. Just as the name suggests, it is how the game feels combined into three components:

  • Atmosphere
  • Momentum
  • Next-Gen Stats Star-Driven AI

This means that the game adapts to the circumstances like league points, direct competitors, home-court advantage, and much more.

However, the biggest change when it comes to Madden NFL 22 is the core updates to some of the existing modes.

They focused on the “Franchise Mode” which is a game mode where you can take over as the owner, general manager, or coach of a team and run it your way. The Franchise mode now has more detailed ways to manage your stuff as a general manager or coach.

With the new game, instead of having the usual basic coaching experience, they improved the mode adding more flavor which will put you in the shoes of an actual coach or general manager.

EA added various coordinators, player personnel departments, and more. Thanks to the newly designed skill tree, you can upgrade your staff allowing you more options to focus on things that matter to you the most.

On top of that, each team journey is now improved by the new and more complex weekly game strategy system, where you can play around with different options and express yourself as a coach.

They also improved the scouting system in the Franchise Mode and a newly designed interface that is beginner-friendly.

Madden NFL 22 comes with different game modes that are also very fun to play like the Story mode where you’ll be put in the shoes of a player as he prepares for his life-changing chance of being drafted into the NFL.

Every Madden NFL game would not be complete without the Madden Ultimate Team or MUT, but they didn’t change this mode a lot, which can be disappointing for fans. They decided to continue allowing fans the chance to build up their own custom team by collecting cards. However, the model has been updated resulting in a lot less heavily on microtransactions.

Final Words

With that said, the game feels much better than last year’s version. Even though EA didn’t introduce many new things to this year’s game, Madden NFL 22 looks incredible, and the gameplay feels unlike what we’ve ever seen from this franchise.

So, with some minor tweaks, improved visuals, and existing modes, Madden NFL is one of the best sports games that every football fan should play. Plus, you can play with the top 10 fastest NFL Players by TwinSpires, both present and past.

We also expect a lot of new things to be added to the game later this year, which will promise a lot of new content that every NFL enthusiast would appreciate.

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