Is Mobile Gaming Now A Viable Alternative To Pcs And Consoles?

Last year’s lockdown proved to be a bonanza for video game developers worldwide. As consumers remained locked in their homes, they continued looking for digital distractions in large numbers and playing games for long sessions proved to be the new trend. However, while the sectors’ big companies like Activision Blizzard, Take-Two, and Nintendo recorded a rise in share prices by over 25% since March, mobile gaming studios enjoyed the real windfall.

Along with the sudden growth in leisure time in a ready market of over two billion smartphones, owners, mobile game developers have received great rewards. That’s all thanks to reduced mobile advertising as most corporate sectors cut their marketing budget. As a result, mobile gaming revenues grew significantly, dwarfing spending on console and PC titles as fans could also access using their smartphones. That explains why market experts predict the mobile gaming industry will hit the $100 billion mark this year.

This revenue growth has encouraged many video game developers to embrace the mo0bile market by creating mobile versions of popular console and PC titles. That has allowed mobile games to evolve from the old days of Pac-Man and Tetris to more sophisticated mobile games with high-quality graphics. That means you can enjoy PC and console gamers like PUBG, GTA: San Andreas, and Final Fantasy IX on your mobile phone.

Thanks to these advancements in graphics, mobile games have become more immersive and now people are starting to embrace them as an ideal alternative to console and PC games. That has helped to reduce the stigma that has always surrounded mobile games in the gaming world. However, while millions of people have accepted mobile games as an excellent source of entertainment, they’re yet to reach the same level as PC and console games.

Despite the resounding success of mobile gaming, several design standards prevent smartphone games from being considered equals to console and PC games. However, most people, especially casual gamers might be surprised to see standard gamers look down on mobile gaming. It might also be more surprising considering that mobile gaming is more profitable than both PC and console games.

The tremendous growth in the revenue and players in the mobile gaming market is thanks to easing of access and many see it as the future of the gaming world. However, despite this clear victory, mobile games are far from completely replacing console games for many players. That’s because console games have enough room to tell complex stories and supply huge, intensive worlds to the players, while mobile games might not replicate that experience while maintaining simplicity.

Most mobile games often feature incredibly short levels and the titles often feature timers that run when the game is switched off and incentivize players from returning later. Console titles don’t feature traversing menus for every level after every 2 minutes and the levels usually last longer. Most PC and console titles also don’t tell you to come back later anytime you want to play. Nonetheless, we’ll continue seeing more mobile games coming out in the coming months.

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