Top 5 Retro Online Slot Games

Being that there are so many slot games out there, there are bound to be slot players that enjoy playing a certain niche for entertainment. Pub slots are quite the popular classical retro online slot games available to play nowadays, and many slot enthusiasts enjoy playing them time and time again! With pub slots, there are so many out there across the iGaming realm, it is just a case of finding the right one that actually works with yourself at the end of the day.

Many of the best software developers nowadays are actually offering more technical developments and evolution of storylines within this niche, making it all the more exciting to play. You can find these online slots at major online casinos. But most importantly, we have listed some of the best ones on the market for right now, further down below. Check them out and see if you would agree, or perhaps you may add some others as replacements within our shortlist?

Jackpot 6000

This slot game, as simple as it may be, honours the simplicities that come with pub slots, but in a really entertaining way! Jackpot 6000 is set in a super old school retro arcade style. Set within the 80’s, suddenly all those years of playing slots in the pub will come back rushing to you. This slot machine is not complex or difficult to get a hold of, as there are no complexities such as bonus features, or wilds, it is a classic 3 by 3, with the typical fruit symbols you would expect for the 80s.

As you spin the slot machine, you will hear a clunk and mechanical sound which was so common for the old slot playing days. It will seem like a breath of fresh air, being able to try out a game that is massively simple and can be played carelessly without too much energy invested into learning the rules etc. When you manage to make a fruit symbol matching win, the slot machine will light up and change the soundtrack it is playing-super original indeed.

Retro Reels

Another classical slot machine coming your way! This slot is set with chrome and neon lights, to make you feel you are in the slots game room in Vegas, and with no backdrop background, there are minimal distractions from playing really. Some may like that while others will not, but it makes complete sense really, as it is a classical slot game with no storyline to accompany gameplay. Therefore, there is no need to make things too complicated.

Despite being a classical slot machine, this one still has 20 paylines that you can enjoy and place a wager on. With a free spin feature integrated within this one, you will be in complete control being that the slot reels are 3×5, it is not too complicated to stay on top of and keep your head in the game. Again, just like the previous slot, you will be embracing fruit symbols fresh out of Vegas, emulsified in a retro twist. It certainly is one of the best and you need to sit back and just enjoy it.

Rubik’s Riches

Rubik Riches brings you a slot game that looks like a fruit machine, even sounds like a fruit machine, but is something completely different! You are actually playing with a Rubik’s cube, which you probably guessed from the title obviously, but this game has multiple ways to win and in fact has far more to it than other pub slots out there. While you do get given the classical old-fashioned lights and the similar soundtrack you would expect from a slot machine set with an 90s theme, the free spins feature, alongside the bonus puzzle mini game is beyond classical and we really do like it.

You will certainly be able to find this Ash Gaming slot at most of the prestigious slot casino sites out there. Just make sure to search it up within the gaming catalogues, or look through the classical slot games of a filtered search.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

NetEnt brings you a super popular slot game that has you participating on a whole new level of adventure. While you do have those typical classical slot game character traits, you will also have gameplay additions that trick you into thinking you are playing a video slot. Set in a 3×5 set up, there is just enough Hollywood adventure here to keep you excited and eager to progress forward.

Acting as a treasure hunter/ adventurer, you will use your symbol combinations to activate new levels of bonus features such as free spins, and multipliers. If you manage to land 3 matching free spins symbols within one line, you will be able to score some re-spins with winning prospects, at no extra cost to yourself. It is certainly worth checking this one out if you have become just a little bit bored of the fruit and Vegas style slots, which can happen after repetitively playing them for so long right?

Wonder Woman

The last slot game we have for you to check out is the Wonder Woman slot game. This one is particularly more engaging than the others we have suggested, we will admit, with its bright colours, graphics and original backdrops, it is one of the most high-tech classical slot games that we have played in such a long time. While Marvel often is a high-tech iteration of the comical character, this DC styled game is beyond enough, and will certainly have you not worrying about the authenticity at all.

Of course, each player will always be to themselves, meaning it will not please everyone, that is for sure. But for us, this was a perfect retro slot to reminisce and enjoy ourselves.

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