Top Social Media Trends for Mobile App Development

Fast forward to the beginning of the 2000s, social media websites just hit the market and it was a space for sharing personal photos and communicating with each other. Now, it’s surely something bigger. It’s a marketplace where people promote their businesses and attract more new potential customers. Statistically, more than 30% of online buyers go to social networks to purchase goods or services. Therefore, such platforms should correspond to the needs of users. Let’s take a deeper look at this question and review the latest trends for mobile app development.

The Use of AI Algorithms to Protect User Data

The main problem of any digital sphere is data breaches (identity theft, data leaking, etc.) The number of social users grows at the velocity of a sound and that’s why data protection is the question of utmost concern for businesses. Therefore, they started using AI and ML technologies to protect users and reduce the number of breaches online. It can easily prevent identity fraud thanks to two-factor authentication and blocking malicious links.

Cloud Technology

When it comes to reviewing the most effective trends, we couldn’t pass by this one. Today, cloud technology is one of the best trends that make our life easier. The thing is that cloud-based mobile applications don’t require installation. Besides, there’s no need to have a powerful processor in your device to use this technology as all calculations take place on cloud servers. As information is stored in the cloud, it doesn’t take up space on your computer. Such mobile applications update automatically and users can rest assured as they always have access to the latest version of a mobile app. Read here more about social media development solutions.

User-Generated Content

It’s a booming trend for modern marketers. When we are talking about user-generated content, we mean blogging, podcasting, digital videos, reviews, everything users post on social media. According to recent research, we can see that user-generated content is one of the main trends today. Millions of users actively participate in giveaway marketing campaigns and share posts of their favorite bloggers or brands. And the key reason for its popularity is its ability to build trust between a company and its followers. Another component of this rising trend is the fake ids that are growing more prevalent.

Low Code Development

Today, developers usually spend less time building mobile apps thanks to the benefits of low code development. In other words, there’s no need to use hand-written data and that’s why the development time has increased greatly. We live in a digital world and businesses don’t want to wait for a long time until the app is built. Thanks to low-code technology, one can get their high-quality mobile app faster.

Real-Time Video Streaming

It’s an emerging trend that gradually becomes more and more popular. Its main goal is to evoke interest among the users of social networking sites. Video streaming has numerous benefits that can surely help businesses increase brand recognition demonstrating a real location, showing content that resembles TV shows, or using different social media channels for broadcasting.

Cross-Platform Development

When building a social networking website, programmers need to make sure that this app is compatible with a few operating systems. If it is restricted to only one platform, it can surely narrow down your audience. Today, most apps support both iOS and Android operating systems. This trend was hot a few years ago and it remains popular today as well.

So far, social networks have millions of users today. Therefore, we can assume that they will be in demand. We’ve just reviewed the hottest mobile app development trends for 2021 that should definitely be considered by programmers that are going to deal with such projects. Social media might be in demand in the near future!

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