Should Sega Draw on Its Previous Casino Experience and Tap into the Growing Slots Market?

In order to reclaim the state of dominance in the gaming market that Sega enjoyed during the 1990s, it may be time for the company to tap into the profitable online casino sector. The Japanese tech giant is no stranger to gambling offerings and has featured them on various occasions in its games for consoles and handheld devices. Now that slots are the most popular casino games on the planet, Sega could break into the genre with a range of themed slots. This would bring everyone’s attention back to the great characters associated with the brand.

Sega Has Toyed with the Casino Genre in the Past

The fact that Sega has toyed with the casino genre in its previous games could put it at an advantage when it comes to getting into the slots sector. Many players will remember Sega Casino for the Nintendo DS, released in 2005. The game featured roulette, craps, and baccarat, along with some additional titles that could be unlocked. The timing of this release was designed to tap into the emerging online casino market, which was just beginning to take off. However, the industry has ballooned much more since then, and now would be a much better time for a similar release.

There are other occasions that Sega has dabbled with gambling games as well. More recently, the company created a mobile offering called Sega Slots, which had a number of reel-spinning options featuring famous characters. This was discontinued in 2019, but it shows that the company is open to developing titles for this genre. Indeed, the experience gained from making these games could easily be translated to the real money slots market.

Could Replicate Popular Series with Sega Characters

It is plain to see just how much money there is to be made in the slots game from looking at the sheer number of online casinos out there. Players are so spoiled for choice that they need to use comparison sites like to find out where the best offers are. With the substantial bonuses available at the sites listed, it’s clear that the industry is highly competitive. This means that if Sega decides to get involved with real slots, they have the potential to become offerings at a vast number of sites.

Slots series seem to be in fashion at the moment. NetEnt has created its hugely popular range of rock music games, while Playtech has made a number of Age of Gods titles. Sega could create a series of games focusing on different legendary characters from games of old. Of course, there would be a Sonic offering. There could also be titles based on Blaze Fielding and Ecco the Dolphin. These games would surely be popular for the nostalgia factor alone.

There is a strong argument to say that Sega should draw on its slots experience and break into the online casino industry. Not only would this be lucrative for the company, it could also help them promote their offerings on other platforms.

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