How to Pick the Perfect Mouse Pad for You

This generation has experienced an unprecedented technological revolution. Tiny computer chips can store huge amounts of information, and hardware has become increasingly affordable. As a result, most homes contain a computer that is connected to the internet. 

Whether it is for work or leisure purposes, a computer will need a range of equipment to go with it. There are such things as printers, chairs, and desks to consider. Added to that are the keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad. When it comes to the latter, there are a lot of different types available on the market. But which is best? Is there one that everyone should use or is it simply a matter of preference or budget? Let’s find out now. 

A Custom Made Mat

Whilst different types of mat have their pluses and minuses, people need to choose what best suits their purpose and preference. 

There are companies that help people customize their mats, be it the picture on the top of the actual size. Because of the similarity of mouse mats to play mats, the same customization options exist online for both. If someone decided to click here they would be able to select their own images and choose the size and style of their play mat. Similar sites are visited by people who enjoy games like Yugioh, Anime, or Magic The Gallery. The public is actively seeking customer reviews, including those from Youtubers, to help them decide.

Consider Hard Mats 

Due to their consistent and even surface, they help the mouse swiftly glide over the top. Whilst the user will enjoy the lack of friction, the mouse will take longer to stop. This could be a hindrance, especially when gaming. People want to have maximum control of their mouse at all times when every move counts.

Some people work from home with a laptop and have limited space. In this scenario a small, hard mat may be ideal. 

Look At Cloth Mats

Sometimes marketing can be confusing. There are some products that say the mats are designed primarily for speed, whilst others focus on control. What people really need is the right balance of both – it’s not an either/or situation. 

Because of what they are made of, cloth mats generate more friction when the mouse is used. As a result, the starting action will be the hardest. People will experience less of a gliding sensation but will enjoy greater control of the mouse. It will also be easier to stop moving quickly. Cloth mats have a fabric weave and may therefore have a grainy texture. This is what can slow the orientation of the mouse. On the plus side, they are cheaper to buy. 

Shop For Hybrids, Plastic And Rubberised Mats

Hybrid products merge cloth, fabric, and glass. The exterior may be hard but the middle will be spongy. They can generate a totally different experience with the mouse. 

Plastic mouse mats are dense in structure. There can be an element of friction involved, but people with an optical or laser mouse could find this a good option. Rubberized mats are very good at gripping the table, and can enhance control when using the mouse. 

Consider The Colour Factor

Some mouse pads feature intricately colored designs. As a general rule, the graphics displayed should not have an adverse effect on the function of the mouse. Having said that, some people have reported that their mouse goes slower on darker colored mats than lighter ones. It may be that in some cases color can affect the mouse function, but it’s hard to be conclusive when there are so many types of mouse available. 

Look At Options For Gamers

People with a plentiful budget could consider purchasing a mat with built-in RGB lighting. Some have incorporated a Qi wireless charger. This means that while the person is gaming, their phone can be powered up. Most mouse pads are square, although round ones also exist. Gamers also have the option to choose extended mats. 

They are made using an elongated rectangular design. In addition to providing a base for the mouse, they also devote space for the gaming keyboard to be supported. This will help reduce any movement during play. If someone hits the keyboard with aggression and speed, the mat will also help absorb the impact. The end result will be a smoother gaming experience. 

When it comes to mouse sensors, lasers are more sensitive to rough surfaces than optical ones. People need to buy based on what is best for them, including the tightness of grip they have on the mouse. You need to have both a good mouse and a good mat. If one of them is poor it will reflect on the function of the other.

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