Essentials for Your Week-Long Family Camping Trip

When you’re getting ready to hit the road with your family for a camping trip, it can be overwhelming to make sure you have everything you need. Since you’ll be camping for a week, there are a few more things to consider than if you were just heading into the wilderness for a night or two. As long as you have the essentials and each other, the entire family will have a fantastic time.

It is almost inevitable that you will forget something on any trip, but by using this list, you can avoid forgetting the essential things.

– Sleeping essentials

The first items you should get together are everything related to sleep. It can vary based on what you’re camping in and whether your taking tents, a camper, and RV or plan to rent a cabin. If you are tenting it, make sure to double-check that your tent has all its poles and pegs and ensure it’s been aired out from your last trip. It’s always a good idea to pull everything out and let it dry a bit in the sun, just in case it’s become musty.

You’ll also need sleeping bags, pillows, and some form of mattress, whether that’s a sleeping pad or air mattress. An don’t forget your pump! If you’re in a camper or RV, you may already have beds, so make sure you have sheets and bedding.

Another thing to remember if you’re in tents is to bring tarps and rope. Tarps will help to divert water from the top of your tent if there happens to be some rain on your trip.

– Cooking and eating

Most families will agree that your cooking gear and food are the most essential items to pack. It can be overwhelming to try to figure out a meal plan for the entire week of camping, but try to keep it simple. The kids will be happy with hotdogs and sandwiches all week if that’s all that’s available. Think about meals that are easy to throw together and don’t require much dishware, and then decide which essentials you need to make them.

Hardsided coolers are essential for a week-long trip, and you can find ones that can keep your food cold for the duration, which is ideal if you won’t have access to ice. You’ll also want a user-friendly propane camp stove since you can’t rely on a campfire to cook all your meals. If it rains, you’ll always have the stove to cook on.

Only pack one set of camp-friendly dishes, and a tub to wash them in between meals. You’ll also want a knife, cutting board, a pot, pan, can opener, tongs, and some tin foil for campfire cooking. Paper towels will also be your best friend for cleaning up messes quickly.

– Extras

Sleeping and eating supplies are the most essential that you’ll need, but there are a few other helpful items you should have on hand that don’t fit into those categories. Pack some bug spray, toilet paper, garbage bags, a first aid kit, ax, matches, and fire starters. As long as you have all these items, then you’ll be set for your family camping trip.

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