10 Underrated Sega Genesis Games

In the late ‘80s and ‘90s, Sega was so successful. In America and Europe, Sega Genesis became very common. Genesis released many games, and has a variety of options to choose from, like the  good variety of sites to choose from to redeem a great welcome offer, on online gaming platforms. Unfortunately, there are those games that never got the attention that they deserved. Here are some of them:

Musha Aleste

Musha Aleste was released in America. It is among the best vertical shooters for the Genesis. There are creations like Old Japanese temples that change into tanks or huge flying cannons. Also, there’s a sequence where the floor falls away tile by tile revealing lava and rock beneath. The different levels in the game introduce new and exciting things.

Dynamite Headdy

In the game, you manipulate a character that looks like a puppet. In the different levels, the character is trying to save his town from an evil demon king. The hero has got different heads that give him a variety of powers. For instance, Kirby-ability to suck his enemies just like a vacuum cleaner. The reason why the game was not a hit could be that it lacks the charm of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Monster World IV

You are supposed to crisscross the environment looking for four elemental spirits. The main twist in the game is Pepelogoo, who helps Asha everywhere she goes. After growing to full size, Pepelogoo can fly Asha across vast chasms, and protect her from drops of lava. It might not have been a hit because it arrived when the Genesis came to the end of its life.

Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes has frantic action, graphics, and an unusual sense of humor. Players are put into bizarre encounters. One minute you are fighting bad guys on an airborne balloon,and the next you are fighting a gigantic boss called Curry and Rice. The game is full of jumping, running and shooting.

Contra: Hard Corps

Contra: Hard Corps is a run-and-gun series that was brought in the Genesis in 1994. The first level has a giant robot silhouetted against a cityscape that is burning. The mecha jumps forward and begins frightening the player with its superior firepower. Hard corps has the toughest challenges. However, it is one of the best platform shooters on any system of the ‘90s.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Toitsusen

This is a fighting game that was not very popular outside of Japan. It is based on the series Yu Yu Hakusho. It is a high-speed game with strong attacks and combos. The game was released in Japan and Brazil. Many collectors are now seeking it.

Castlevania: Bloodlines

Bloodlines is a fast-paced action game. It is among the best of the 2D entries. In the game, heroes crisscross landscapes full of traps and imaginative beasts that include an enormous wolf boss. There is a stage where you have to go up a rotating tower that is huge.

It is hard to get the original form of Bloodlines. If you want the original form, go for the full-blooded Japanese version. The US and European versions are censored.

Comix Zone

Comix Zone is about a hero who is fighting his way through the pages of a comic book. The protagonist, Sketch Turner, moves from one comic book panel after another. The challenge is intense but short. The game is not well-known because it came out late in the Genesis’ life.


In the game, the character hero is half digital and half-human being who can enter the digital realm. Pulseman can fire bolts of energy like Mega Man and a kind of boost jump like Sega’s Rocket Knight. Pulseman is set in futuristic cities, electronic landscapes, or behind the scenes of a TV news show. Though it is exciting and fast, it has always been overlooked in the history of Genesis gaming.

Alien Soldier

Alien Soldier is a game with gigantic bosses that nearly fill the screen, and there are explosions everywhere. The levels in the game are very brief but fast. There are 31 bosses that a player needs to fight. There is a scene where you have to fight an alien-helicopter hybrid. The scene takes place on the roof of a train that is moving. Even when played today, Alien Soldier feels like a modern game.

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