The Worlds of Gaming and Gambling Continue to Move Closer Together

There are millions of people around the world who are either games, or they love to watch people gaming in the form of eSports. We also have millions of people who love to gamble and either head to a casino or place bets on sports.

What we may have in the future is a larger number of people who like both and this is because the worlds of gaming and gambling are coming closer together.

We are seeing eSports betting really take off, with bookmakers offering odds for many events and even live streams to watch the action. We are also seeing gambling associated with different games, with the prizes being items for the games, namely CSGO and Rust.

The two industries are continuing to move closer together, and as a result of that we are likely to see them both receive a boost in new fans.

How eSports is Breaking into the Betting Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic put a halt to many sporting events in 2020. This gave eSports the chance to shine, with players being able to play from home and the bookmakers able to offer something to their customers.

eSports are now covered like they have never been before, with a wide range of bookmakers offering odds. If you read a big bookmaker review, for example a William Hill review, you will see that eSports is a true part of their service, and something they continue to push.

This isn’t just due to the pandemic, this is something that will now stay for good. People like to bet on eSports, bookmakers want to take bets so it makes sense that they will continue to offer a wide variety of eSports betting opportunities.

Gambling on Game Items on the Increase

There are some games, with CSGO being the biggest, that offer you the chance to use skins and other items in your game. These can be found, won or traded in the game but you can also win them by gambling.

This is another way in which the gambling industry and gaming industry are moving closer together, though it doesn’t involve bookmakers, it involves special gambling sites that are linked to the games.

What is key here though is that casino style games are available on these sites. This means gamers can log on and play casino games, but instead of winning money they are winning game items.

This is still a type of gambling, and after experiencing this type of gambling, they could become new gamblers and open other accounts.

Whether it is eSports or game gambling on sites that cater for things such as CSGO skins, the gaming industry is opening up new customers for the gambling industry.

What Does the Future Hold?

If recent events are anything to go by then the strength of the relationship between the gaming and gambling industries is only going to get better.

eSports and in particular eSports betting is opening gaming up to gamblers who wouldn’t normally be too interested in gaming. Should eSports ever land on the mainstream, as has been mentioned in the past, that would give an enormous boost to things.

The same happens the other way. Gamers are being shown that gambling exists, and some of them will turn to it and try their luck. This pushes new customers to the gambling industry.

While the relationship between these two industries leads to new customers entering both of them, there is likely to be a rise in their cooperation. Both would love to keep getting more new customers, and if this relationship brings them, it is something that will keep being worked on.

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