The best SEGA casino games over the years

SEGA is a Videogame developer based in Japan and has offices across the US as well as Europe. The company has been around since the 1960s, but the recent decades it had just improved. This can be attributed to the fact that there have been so many positive things that have made life smoother and with the advent of the internet, people have access to the information that they lacked before. Commonly known as Sonic the Hedgehog, Shenmu, has been one of the top Video game creators in the gaming industry. Let’s look into the games that it made.

Pachinko- SG 1000

SEGA has been in the business for a long time. Among the games, it has produced is Pachinko that could be played on its first commercial video console. It was released in July 1983 in Japan. This was the initial starting of video games, so SG-100 didn’t have a huge library, but few pachinko games. The game was however pulled back because there was no way to push for an update. This was a time when there was no internet, so it was impossible. The bug was fixed later on, and the game was re-released. 

Casino Games – Master system

When the Master System was released, it was the time Casinos were popping up all over America, and it was the best time to release such a game. Online casinos like the were a rarity back then. It was pretty advanced for that time. SEGA released the Master System in North America in 1986. However, the game was still in its infancy, and there was so much to be done to make it the best casino game. The release came in 1989 of Casino Games that had Poker, Blackjack, baccarat, slot machines, and a pinball table. The initial bet was for $100. The game performed perfectly on the market radar, and as far as players were concerned, they had fallen in love with it. This is because the game let them have video game and gambling at the same time. This was the initial stage of the technology in the industry.

Poker Face Paul – Game Gear

It was released in 1994. The unique thing it has was that it was to be played on the SEGA’s handheld device and it brought all the poker-related games on the device. These included Blackjack, Gin, Poker, and Solitaire. Though the games were met with a mixed response, and most of the critics issued bad reviews, but if we were to consider it historically, it was a good leap even though it didn’t perform better on the scale. 

Caeser’s Palace – Genesis

Caesar’s palace features Blackjack, roulette, slot machines, horse racing, Keno, Red Dog, and video poker. The player can buy scratch-off tickets for $100. This is what sets it apart. If you raised enough money, you could be included in the VIP room where there was an opportunity to win a lot of money. In this era of the 1990s, SEGA produced a lot of titles like Joe Montana, Buster Douglas, Arnold Palmer, Evander Holyfield, and Bill Walsh. It was received well by the critics and the audience. However, there was some critical review about the graphics, but for that time, it could be passed as advanced.


Today, the varieties of Blackjack are available for everyone to play. All you have to do is to click and search, but it was not much in the 1990s. SEGA’a BlackJack had its appeal when compared to the other games. Though some of the versions were not received well, Black Jack has been one of the most important journeys of the company throughout the time. 


When it comes to the online gaming industry, there are so many things happening on a single level that it is hard to know anything. Since SEGA hasn’t released a game in the recent past but you shouldn’t be surprised if they came out with a surprise. The last game they released was SEGA Casino on the Nintendo DS, and it looks like it may take a while after all releasing games are not easy at all. You have to transform the customer demands into reality, and in the casino industry, perfection defines your results. 

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