SEGA Games You Can Play Online

While the gaming industry has come a long way over the last three decades, Sega genesis remains one of the best gaming consoles of all time. This console was launched in 1989, featuring hit franchises like Mortal Kombat and Sonic. In the games department, the Sega was home to lots of exclusives like Altered Beast and Street of Rage 2, allowing it to rival the popular SNES console.

While Sega eventually stopped manufacturing gaming consoles, the Genesis remains a crowning achievement for them to date. Fortunately, you can still enjoy several Sega games online, whether you’re looking for a laidback adventure or a brutal performing game. Here are the top five Sega games you can play online.


While Tetris doesn’t offer cutting-edge graphics or an elaborate storyline, it remains to be one of the best-selling game titles of all time. The game forces you to stack the tetrominoes into complete lines, which then disappear to award you points.

Surprisingly, there is a Classic Tetris World Championship tournament held every year. You can check a few gambling tips if you plan to bet on the tournament and find the best bonuses before signing up. You can check out some online videos of previous matches if you plan to challenge the current champion (Joseph Saelee) this year.


While most like this game for its comedic value, the actual gameplay is simple enough for anyone to play. In this game, you take the role of master ninja Joe Munashi, tasked with the role of rescuing your clan.

The game allows you to use ancient ninjutsu tools like Katanas, shurikens, and even a gun that fires explosives when fully upgraded. This year, Shinobi was made available on Nintendo Switch through their Sega Ages series, and you can also enjoy it on your PC and Xbox 360.

Wonder Boy

Wonder Boy was the first game released in the amazing Wonder Boy Platforming series. You play the role of TomTom, a hero who’s on an epic journey to save his girl from the Dark King. For this task, you’ll be armed with only a skateboard and a stone hatchet, so you’ll need to collect fruits that replenish your energy, which deteriorates steadily. 

Excite League

Though baseball was America’s favorite pastime in the 80s, it was also incredibly popular in Japan. Their love for the game gave rise to the Excite League in 1988, packing everyone’s favorite sport in a video game.

The Excite League featured highly advanced graphics for its time, giving you a split-screen for you to see the perspective of both the batter and the pitcher. Even better, when you hit a home run, the game makes a hole on the stadium’s roof.

Space Harrier

Space Harrier is one of the earliest rail shooter games, casting you as a soldier propelled on a jet to complete a series of missions. The increasingly ridiculous missions are set in almost improbable locations, with some of your enemies, including a one-eyed mammoth and Gundam-inspired huge robot.

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