Sega actually fueled Norway’s gaming culture

Sega has been a very popular console back in the ’90s. A lot of children literally grew on this video game console, which offered us games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Yakuza and many more.

While Sega at one time was the most prolific console worldwide, it has diminished in popularity significantly, mainly because consoles from Playstation and Xbox took the world by storm.

Old sega consoles still remain in houses of some people, which is a memorable piece of good and sweet times. Sega was a turning point in many Nordic countries and this article was about Norway’s gaming culture which was actually driven by Sega.

History of Sega in Norway

Sega was introduced to Norway back in the ‘70s and actually one of the pioneer European countries where Sega imported its gaming machines. It was still developing at that time and was a widely innovative console.

In 1991 it was Brio who became a distributor of Sega products in Norway. It was so successful that it managed to sell all Sega consoles. In 1996, TCI’s technology group acquired the rights to distribute Sega Channel in Nordic countries, and Telenor became a supplier for Norway. However, no one knows if the service was launched here.

Sega was widely popular during the period. You could encounter the console almost in every house, and special places were created for youngsters who wanted to try it. But as technology evolved rapidly since then, people started to move to online games. Sega lost its touch, and people turned to online gambling, which was gradually gaining a foothold among Norwegians. It was Norwegian online casinos known among local citizens as norske nettcasino that attracted attention from people. Sure Sega was still a popular machine, but it felt like people were now ready for more ‘serious challenges’ which included online gambling and online games in general.

Other notable facts

In 1999 Dreamcast, one of the most prominent video game consoles from Sega arrived in Norway, but only 1,700 of them were brought to stores. After 4 years, Pan Vision distributed Sega in Nordic countries.

A couple of years ago in 2014, the company called Koch Media became the primary distributor of Sega’s games in Norway. It proved to be a successful step from the company, which led to a more exciting experience for the gamers.

What is the future of Sega in Norway?

Gaming in Norway is developing rapidly. A lot of people are now playing some Esports, and the number of young people involved in online gaming rises at a fast pace. As has been mentioned above, Sega has lost its attractiveness and originality, which distinguished the machine from other consoles. Now the time has come for next-generation consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One. However, the recent events surrounding the coronavirus, which has had a sweeping impact on countries around the world, Sega once again may become handy because a lot of people are told to stay at home and we know, citizens still keep the console as a reminder of old times.

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