Luck VS Skills? What eSportsmen and Gamblers should rely on?

The eternal question for gamers all around the world: What is the key to winning the game? Are skills the main decisive factor or is it just a piece of luck? It could be a bit of both. However, playing without skills is a big risk that cannot always bring you a win and keep you at the top. Therefore, you have to possess some skills, whether you are playing FIFA tournament or you are trying to win in the Texas Hold’em round!

Are the skills really crucial for winning?

The first thing you need to understand is that the constant win looks for constant skill as luck cannot be your best friend every time. Whether you are playing no deposit casino bonuses NZ gambling adventures, or you are qualifying for the FIFA world cup, you must possess skills if you want to achieve the constant winning. Of course, there is luck. However, it cannot be the major factor for being a successful player as this is something that you do not have in your hands, but it can bring you to win when the ship goes down.

All epic gamers possess fantastic skills that help them to achieve great results and these skills are the result of endless hours of playing. Still, sometimes it happens that even they make great decisions based on skills and experience, they cannot win. How can we explain this problem? There is no special explanation and all we can say that they were unlucky and that is why they could not win. The luck is something that is always around us, but we cannot influence it in any case.

You must have seen that bookmakers often give high odds that a certain player would score 3 goals on the match. Although very likely this is to happen as this is a super-skilled player that scores goals all the time during the FIFA competitions, it happens that he does not score a single goal as he is going through the breakup with his girlfriend and he simply cannot focus on. This is a mix of luck and external factors.

Playing FIFA without skills

First of all, we do not think of FIFA as a game where you cannot win without the skills. It is simply much easier to use some special moves that you learn through hours of playing and practicing as there are always players who can quickly adapt to your passing tactics. Therefore, it is possible to win in FIFA without skills. However, the winning streak will not last long as you will, sooner or later, bump into a pro player that will knock you out with the skills he uses. We could say that there is a bit of luck that can help you to win, but in the long run, the skills bring you to win and success.

FIFA Loot boxes and why do players use these?

FIFA loot boxes are a random selection of the items that can vary from the special equipment/skills to the cards of players that you can use form your own team. While there is no skill in getting the loot boxes but rather pure luck about what you get out of it, the pure luck remains here the main attribute of getting the high-quality loot. Still, your skills earn you the loot boxes. At the best online gambling sites you will always find some kind of the loot box that you can use to boost your performance and it is the same case with FIFA. Therefore, the pure gambling concept is present even in FIFA, though your skills influence the overall award that you get from the loot box.

FIFA players rely mostly on skills but also on a bit of luck during a hard time, but it is not the same as it is in online gambling. FIFA players develop skills, and with the help of skills, they get these loot boxes to upgrade their teams or boost the performance. What they get from the box depends on the luck. Therefore, we can conclude that players use FIFA loot boxes to open new characters/players and make more progress in the game with the help of these players that they bring into the team. But to get these, they have to do a bit of gambling.

The importance of luck in gambling

Though you cannot expect any win in online gambling if you are not a skilled player that possesses the skills, you can rely a bit on the luck to bring you profit. Still, luck is the inevitable part of gambling as no one can influence the outcome of the event but to get some luck, you have to know what you are doing. If you do not understand the rules, the luck won’t help you. But if you do and you know what you need to achieve, the luck will likely be on your side at one point of time. One of the best examples where you can, to some point, control the outcome of the event is poker.

In poker, your actions, facial expressions and body talk tell the other players what is your plan or what kind of cards you have. If you stand firmly and do not show any sign of fear, you can bluff and have no single pair and still win. But not because of the luck. But because of your successful tactics and strategy that are the result of your skills and experience that taught you to stay calm in all situations. But after all, you had luck as the player did not follow your raise as he thought you had a strong hand.

So, in a nutshell, the luck is important in gambling as you may know all the tricks of the game, but a player came with two kings on the flop, ending up on the river with the additional one and beating you as he had poker. No one can predict such situations, which are pure casino luck. However, the larger part of the games depends on your skill. So, if you are wondering how to win at the casino, do know that you need both skills and a bit of luck on your side.

Can you train your skills for casino gambling?

Yes, you can train your skills in some of the best casino games to win, but sometimes the luck simply does not play on your side and no matter what you do, you cannot win any game. Your skills are something that you need in the long run as luck cannot be the main factor and the outcome of the games. But sometimes you have to quit the game to win. As they say – to cut down the winning streak! Do have in mind that you will have to spend hours and hours practicing the FIFA skills, or betting strategies that can bring your profit.

Gambling and playing without skills or not?

It is highly recommended to use both approaches: using the luck and taking advantage of your skills. No matter if you play FIFA or you are trying to win money in the Aztec’s Gold, your skills are the primary weapon that you need to use to win. Additionally, rely on luck as you have the skills. This way, you are doubling your chances for winning and you are not depending on pure luck, but also on your skills. If you possess the skills but cannot win anything, do not panic as every loser wins sooner or later, so just be patient and arm yourself with the skills as the luck comes on its own!

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