6 Awesome Gifts for Sega Game Fans

It isn’t always easy to capture the heart of a gamer. SEGA game fans like myself are often long-time gamers with a love of gifts that remind them of their gaming glory days and the legacy games of their youth. With a penchant for nostalgia, it can be hard to find the perfect gift that brings gamers like us that feeling of youthful gaming giddiness. 

Luckily, with a bit of research, even a non-gamer can find a gift that is sure to impress and delight even the most die-hard SEGA fan. Here are a few ideas that are almost certain to put a smile on the face of any SEGA gamer.

1. The SEGA Genesis Mini

The SEGA Genesis Mini has been hailed as one of the most impressive and faithful retro consoles to date. With a compact sleek design, it goes to great lengths to stay true to the original idiosyncrasies of Genesis, down to the classic little knobs and switches, many of which were integrated purely aesthetically and serve no actual function.

In its extraordinary attention to detail in its design, SEGA did a truly commendable job bringing back the nostalgic and joyful feeling that gamers around the world felt when playing the original Genesis. It’s an impressive accomplishment, considering that the Genesis was one of the most iconic and beloved consoles ever produced.

In terms of its software too, the Genesis Mini performs well, integrating all of the most important features that gamers expect from retro consoles. Each game has multiple save files, allowing users to navigate in and out of games seamlessly. 

Being that games can’t be switched out and instead come preinstalled on the console, any retro console is only as good as the games it offers, and the Genesis Mini doesn’t disappoint. It offers 42 classic games, from Sonic to Castlevania, to one of my personal favorites, Ecco the Dolphin.

With remarkable attention to detail, Genesis Mini also allows users to shift between different languages which shifts the entire UI of gameplay to the country of the set language. As The Verge reports, change the language to Japanese and you’ll be experiencing the interface of the Mega Drive: the Japanese version of the Genesis.

2. The Retro Freak Game Gear Converter

If you’re looking to satisfy all your favorite gamer’s nostalgia in a slightly different way, the Retro Freak Game Gear Converter is worth considering. The converter works as an adapter to enable gameplay from legacy game cartridges. Gamers can, therefore, use their favorite game cartridges to play games from twelve different consoles, including the SEGA Genesis.

The converter offers some obvious advantages when compared to a retro console like the Genesis Mini. Namely, SEGA lovers that also enjoy games on other retro consoles will be able to play those games as well. In fact, the Retro Freak supports game cartridges from Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advanced, Nintendo Entertainment System, TurboGraphs-16 and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, in addition to Genesis and Mega Drive.

The converter does also provide the ability to save a game even when a cartridge has exhausted SRAM battery, providing relief and peace of mind to all the gamers that have lost important data due to a dead battery.

A possible downside could be that the design of the converter definitely doesn’t deliver that same nostalgic quality that a retro console does, though this could be offset by the ability to use original gaming cartridges. 

3. A Sexy Gaming Chair

Esports are on the rise, as most SEGA fans know all too well. A good gaming chair is designed to give gamers the feeling that they are in the cockpit of the console of their favorite Esports superstar. Ergonomically designed, they’re also built to provide the support, maneuverability, and comfort that gamers expect.

While not necessary for all gamers, gaming chairs do represent a great investment for many gamers that spend hours in front of a screen nerding out. While a gaming chair might seem like an indulgence at first glance to the uninitiated, long-time gamers know that the relief provided by better posture and body mechanics is well worth it.’

Moreover, with the customizable colors and sleek designs of many chairs, gamers are reminded of their favorite gaming icons every time they sit down to play. 

Finally, a gaming chair can make a particular sense for SEGA fans, given that the console (including retro consoles) feature notoriously short wires for their controllers. Often forcing gamers to contort their body into unnatural positions, a solid gaming chair might be just what a SEGA fan needs to stay in top form.

4. A SEGA Keychain, Notebook or Wallet

For more design-focused gifts that remind any SEGA fan of their favorite console whenever they use it, consider a SEGA keychain or notebook. Designed to convincingly mimic how the SEGA console looks while serving practical utility, these gifts will bring a smile to the face of any gamer.

Design firm Numbskull does a terrific job seamlessly integrating the colors and intricacies of the sega console into a variety of different products. Among their offerings are SEGA keychains, notebooks, wallets, cufflinks, sweaters, and socks.

These gifts are very affordable and don’t require you to possess any technical knowledge of consoles or gaming at large in order to purchase them. Many SEGA gamers will already be equipped with their console of choice and favorite legacy games. For such gamers, these trinkets could be a great choice.

The popularity of these fun items goes to show that being a SEGA fan is as much about enjoying the retro nostalgia of youth as it is about the actual gameplay.

5. A Kool8 Water Bottle

Simple as it may seem, staying hydrated is crucial when gaming. Let’s face it, the last thing a gamer wants to do when in the middle of an intense session makes the daunting trip to the fridge for another Coke. The Kool8 water bottle is a great gift to make sure a SEGA gamer can stick to doing what he loves most: gaming.

Moreover, this water bottle was designed to please any techie or gamer. With the number of features and attention to detail it brings to the table, nerds everywhere are already drinking from it.

First of all, it’s a tank. With an industrial-strength design that can take a beating without breaking, it’s built to last a lifetime. It’s also fully insulated and 100 percent leak-proof, because there’s nothing worse than spilling soda on your console.

Finally, you can purchase one as a gift guilt-free. Kool8 gives 20% of its profits towards providing clean water to people in need.

6. Protein Coffee

One common trend in the gaming community today is the use of supplements, foods, and drinks that can enhance gaming performance and enjoyment. It’s, therefore, no surprise that protein coffee has caught on with gamers.

Protein coffee can subdue hunger and promote alertness, keeping gamers engaged and stimulated. It can also provide a good substitute to snack foods that are prone to induce grogginess. 

Finally, Maine Roast Protein Coffee, in particular, is formulated with low amounts of sugar (while still tasting great) and includes 15 grams of protein with each serving. Protein coffee doesn’t mean that gamers can’t continue to indulge in their favorite snacks, but it might mean they have to take that trip to the pantry for Cheetos just a little bit less.

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