REVIEW: E-WIN Champion Series gaming chair

I have to admit that it’s been far too long since I upgraded my office/gaming chair. In fact, it’s been about 10 years or so, embarrassingly enough, so needless to say, I’ve been in the market for a new chair for awhile now.

We also recently bought our son a new gaming chair for his birthday, and while it was definitely more comfortable than my old office chair, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the overall quality of the materials, which feel a bit on the cheap side.

We recently got the chance to take the E-WIN Champion Series gaming chair for a spin, so I was excited at the prospect of getting a new chair but also a little trepidatious since I know the quality of gaming chairs can be hit or miss.

Packaging and Assembly

The Champion Series chair came in a rather large box, and when opening it up, everything was neatly wrapped and padded to keep all the pieces safe in transit.

The instruction manual was pretty straightforward, and the entire chair can be assembled with a hex key, so if you’ve ever put together some IKEA furniture, you’ll be right at home.

From when I first unpacked it to sitting in the fully assembled chair for the first time took only about 25 minutes. Oh yeah, it also came with a pair of cloth gloves for safety purposes?

Quality and Design

The Champion Series chair is designed to look like a racing seat, and my model was predominantly black with some red accents, which add a sleek look to its aesthetic. However, there are other color choices available, if red isn’t your thing.

The material is made from PU leather, which is a coating of Polyurethane on a thin layer of leather. E-WIN says their chairs utilize the “first stain resistant E-WIN 2.0 PU leather,” which is supposed to “surpass industry performance standards for strength abrasion, hydrolysis, and UV stability, while retaining the looks and feels most like real leather that made it so popular.”

While the PU leather doesn’t quite nail the feel of real leather, it does feel much better than other faux leather chairs I’ve used in the past and feels like it’ll hold up through many years of use.

Inside the chair, E-WIN installed its own prime high-density foam that is said to be engineered to be two times heavier than regular foam per cubit foot. The foam definitely feels firm and supportive but not to the point of being uncomfortable. I sat in it for nearly two hours straight during a session of Shenmue 3 and never felt any discomfort.

The chair also comes with hub-less wheels, which enable the chair to roll with ease. Definitely much smoother than my old, sad gaming chair and even my son’s newer chair.

Lastly, my chair came with a head and lower-back pillows that can be adjusted. As someone who suffers from lower-back pain, the pillows made a big difference. I couldn’t sit in my old chair for more than 30 minutes before my back would start to feel stiff, but the pillow provides some good support to take off the back strain.


One of the cool features the E-WIN Champion Series chair has, which has become increasingly common in gaming chairs, is the ability to recline 155 degrees, so you can lay nearly completely flat in case you need to catch a nap in between gaming sessions. Personally, I wouldn’t suggest that, but it’s there if you want it.

The arm rests can also be adjusted horizontally and vertically so you can obtain the most comfortable position for your elbows and arms. Outside of that, you can also adjust the chair’s height and tilt with a multi-tilt locking mechanism.


Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the build quality, design and comfortability of the E-WIN Champion Series chair. The lower-back pillow made a world of difference, and the high-density foam feels firm and supportive. I would definitely recommend this chair to anyone looking for a gaming chair upgrade.

You can purchase the E-WIN Champion Series chair here, and be sure to use the code “SEGA” at checkout to get 30 percent off your order.

(Editor’s note: SEGA Nerds was provided a chair for review purposes by E-WIN)

Chris Powell

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