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We live in an electronic era, where the world and the engineering are digitally transforming into something new. This sudden wave of technological change is overwhelming at times, but in order to keep up with the world, we must catch this signal and ride with it. The Internet continues to connect people, processes, data, and objects at a rapid pace. In this regard, the success of IT organizations today depends on whether information and communication technology professionals have the knowledge and skills needed to work in the new environment.

Cisco, a leading IT vendor, aims to provide its specialists with the capabilities to design, new and better solutions to the daily problems they face in their work. It equips you with training and certification for all the hot fields ranging from security, cybersecurity, to the data center,routing and switching, collaboration, and many more, so that you can excel in your sphere and rise among the ranks. This reputable company is interested in employees to be equipped with the most relevant skills to work with the newest technologies. That’s why it offers certifications at various levels: entry, associate, professional, and expert.

One of the most popular Cisco certifications is Prepaway CCNA Data Center, since it’s the core of managing any business in any company. Getting the foundational knowledge and skills in working with data infrastructure is essential for you if your aim to get an administrative position in the Data Center technology. If you have additional experience to this credential, it will make the employer remember you and will definitely increase your chances of getting promotions. To gain this badge you’ll need to pass two exams, one of which is 200-150. This article will be dedicated to 200-150 exam as the first step towards the CCNA Data Center certification.

Cisco CCNA Data Center Certification Overview

CCNA Data Center is not only hardware and database-centric anymore but also deals with their interaction with cloud, automation, virtualization, and software-defined technologies. The accreditation is designed for network administrators who value their time and are focused on database optimization, hardware configuration, and software environment. This certification is necessary for specialists working with data center level networks and reaffirms the knowledge including understanding the design of networks, data centers, specific equipment selection, application protocols, and technologies.

It aims to give you the confidence in your skills to install, configure and maintain the data center technology. The Cisco CCNA Data Center certification comprises of two exams:

  1. 200-150 DCICN
  2. 200-155 DCICT

Now, let’s move on to the Cisco 200-150 test details.

About 200-150 DCICN Test

The Cisco 200-150 exam is the initial move on the way to the CCNA Data Center accreditation, it consists of 55-65 questions and lasts 90 minutes. The exam will check how skillful you are working with the data center physical infrastructure. To pass this exam you need to have profound knowledge of data center networking concepts and be able to complete tasks that refer to data center storage networking.

The right preparation affects the result of 200-150 test, that’s why you should train hard using all the necessary resources. Here’re prep resources to use to pass the test in your first attempt without any trouble.

Ways to Prepare for Cisco 200-150 Exam

You must have heard a lot about the people who could not manage to pass the Cisco exam than the ones who did. This is because they went for the wrong sources to train for the test instead of preparing hard and spending their time and money using reliable resources.

Cisco tests are not hard to pass if you have enough practice prior to the exam, thus you gain the required skills to succeed from the first attempt. Some of the options available to you at hand are taking courses or lectures that teach the syllabus content, using questions available online or from the course books that the certification follows, taking sample exams, and practicing previous tests.

Given below are some of the things that you can try, with their online sources, to prepare for the test:

  • Official Cisco website

Cisco itself provides you with a training course that you can take before you sit for your exam. It’s affordable and covers all the content the accreditation is based on. For the Cisco 200-150 exam, be sure to check out the DCICN Study Material to help you prepare adequately for the test. You can choose from taking classroom training, taking a practice test, using Cisco Learning Network Store online to joining study groups and using the Training Library. The material you’ll find there will help you greatly to pass your Cisco 200-150 test on your first try.

  •–One of the Best Websites for Your Preparation is a great platform that will facilitate your prep period. It offers you a wide collection of the most actual and updated exam dumps to practice. For those who don’t know what they are, let us enlighten you. Exam dumps are when a person takes a test, and as soon as they come out, they spew as many questions that they could remember, online. So it’s almost like taking a sneak peek at the exam.

You can think of using this material as a shortcut as they give you an idea about the exam and which concept to know accordingly. It obviously minimizes the time and the effort that you need to put into your preparation.

However, you must keep in mind that you shouldn’t entirely rely on exam dumps as they are great only if they are taken from a reliable website and when you need to see your level of preparedness.

At PrepAway you can find various updated free exam dumps for 200-150 exam. In addition, gives you unlimited access to the premium files once you’ve made your purchase and to top it all, they provide this material for only $24,99. For that price, you also receive a verified exam dump with questions and answers, a study guide, and a training course.

  • Use YouTube videos

Other than this, you can also avail online video lectures available on YouTube for all Cisco credentials. If you don’t like reading books and prefer watching videos,this site will be your worthy resource. The lectures are prepared by exam experts that cover all exam concepts. In addition, you can get tips how to prepare and pass your certification test on your first trial. 

Upcoming Changes

Since Cisco caters to provide specialists with the most updated skills, they are planning to renew their certification program. And from 24th February 2020, the CCNA Data Center certification, as well as some other CCNA credentials in various domains, are going to be replaced by the CCNA credential. To gain it you’ll need to pass one 200-301 exam. Those, who will have completed their previously issued CCNA certifications by 23rd February, will get the new credential and the training badge in the chosen track. So, why wait? Become certified with 200-150 exam now.


The CCNA Data Center certification is a well-known badge among professionals and hiring managers in the IT field. The Cisco 200-150 test is a necessity for getting this accreditation, therefore when you pass it, you will have completed an important milestone for building your career in Data Center. With the extra knowledge backing you up, you are likely to get promotions and move upward in the hierarchy. A perfect score of 200-150 test depends on good preparation, so, utilize exam dumps and you’re going to do fine.

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