4 Sega Dreamcast Games We’re Still Playing in 2019

The Sega Dreamcast may have been a short-lived dream – the device that would prove to be Sega’s last attempt at breaking into the mainstream console market – but its legacy lives on. Pretty much anyone who grew up in the ’90s will have fond memories of the Dreamcast, which was a total gamechanger in its time, despite not looking that spectacular nowadays.

The Dreamcast opened up new horizons for video gaming, introducing detailed open-world titles, seamless multiplayer combat, and in-depth plotlines to a generation of gamers. If you’re feeling a little nostalgic, here are the best Dreamcast games that truly never get old. 

Crazy Taxi 

There hasn’t been a racing game like it before or since, which is why we have no choice but to keep coming back to the absolute insanity that is Crazy Taxi. The premise is simple: your goal is to drop your passengers off at their destination as quickly and as smoothly as possible. However, it’s the execution that propelled this title into the video game hall of fame. The witty dialogue, cringe-inducing product placements for Pizza Hut, and one of the best game soundtracks of all time make this one worth coming back to again and again. 

Sonic Adventure 2 

While the first Sonic Adventure title is a legend in its own right, it’s the sequel that really grabbed the world’s attention. SA2 was a landmark moment for the Sonic franchise, in which it felt like the series had finally made a successful jump into 3D gaming, however short-lived that feeling turned out to be. The diverse array of levels to explore, bullet-quick gameplay and renewed focus on complex puzzles showed that Sonic was back and better than ever. 

Hoyle Casino 

Sometimes, games are so bad that they become legendary. Hoyle Casino is a master of this genre. It was one of the first casino-themed video games ever, one which cannily predicted the

meteoric rise of online casino gaming that is sweeping the world today. While most fans of digital casino games prefer themed slots, blackjack, and video poker offered by global platforms like MobileBet, which even include the option to play with a real-life croupier in the live casino format, anyone looking for a cult classic needs to give Hoyle Casino a spin. The insane character voices, wildly mismatched music, and surreal glitches make this game a guaranteed laugh, whatever year you’re playing it in. 

Jet Set Radio 

Of all of the Dreamcast games to ever secure true icon status, Jet Set Radio stands out for its enduring cultural legacy. Set in a cyberpunk vision of Tokyo, this title sees you play a graffiti artist with a mission to tag the whole city and break free from the crushing conformity of a dystopian society. The soundtrack is endlessly replayable, while the innovative gameplay makes this one of Sega’s most memorable original releases. The Harajuku fashion of the characters complete with goggle glasses and spiky thigh-highs continues to influence fashion designers to this day. That’s how you know you’ve got a legendary video game on your hands.  

The Dreamcast may be gone, but it’s forgotten. Renewed interest in the console has meant that secondhand ones are flying off the shelves on eBay, so grab yourself one while you still can. 

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