How To Level Up Your Gaming Skills

Greetings fellow gamers! One of the things we strive for in life is to get better at gaming. I know this, you know this, but how do you actually do it? Well, there are a number of factors that influence how good a gamer you are, and a number of neat little things you can do or pay attention to in order to get better. So read on, dear reader, and banish your n00bness forever!

Gear Is Important

Having the right gear is important to getting good at gaming. Your old office chair that you inherited from your mom may not exactly be suited to in-game domination. So here is a handy list of all the gear you will need in order to lose your n00b status, or simply rise through the ranks:

  • Good Headsets: Headsets are critical to concentration. Good noise cancelling headsets means that you can play anywhere, at any time, and not get distracted by your cat knocking over your fish tank just as you are about to get ganked.
  • Gaming Mice: Fair enough, I know this is a SEGA site, but some of you may use mice for certain games. Getting a good gaming mouse, like this Razer gaming mouse, will increase your response time, as well as reduce pain in your hand. Ergonomically designed mice sit comfortably, and help with long gaming marathons. Taking a break because your hand is sore is not super cool.
  • Gaming Controller: As with gaming mice, a good controller will help with muscle fatigue, as well as increase your response time. Don’t go for cheap and nasty knock-off brands. To really improve your gaming game, you need to be able to play for hours without getting tired. Quality gaming controllers will help to make this happen.
  • Gaming Chair: As I already mentioned, your old inherited office chair is probably not the best option when it comes to gaming endurance. You need a gaming chair that has been designed specifically to support a person sitting in it for hours. Really good gaming chairs help to prevent sore backs and necks and improve posture, as well as enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • Gaming Keypad: One last neat little piece of gear that I have to mention is a gaming keypad. This may not be up everyone’s alley, but if you play any game with hotkeys, then you may want to consider getting one of these. You can program in your individual hotkeys into this bad boy, which results in faster in game response time.

Watch Your Replays

Just like any professional sportsman, a gamer should analyze replays after matches, this allows you to work out how you react in certain situations, and prepare for them in the future. Learning from your mistakes is vital in order to grow as a gamer. Pick apart your replays, see where you went wrong or did not react quite fast enough. Second guess all your decisions. Study the strategy set up for you individual game, and see if you are applying it when the heat is on. If not, practice doing so.

Arrange Private Games

When you are playing online you will invariably come across teams and players that match your personal skill. A great pro tip is to arrange private games or matches with these guys in order to practice. We can all play against bots, but playing against a real person is a whole nother ball game. Getting in the practice against real players is vital in order to improve your own skills.

Practice, But Not Too Much

One study had a scientific look at two sorts of games, a first person shooter and a strategy game. The idea behind it was to figure out how players improved their skills and what affected that improvement.

The first person shooter study concluded that practice does indeed make perfect, bit in moderation. Players who played four to eight games per week improved more than those who played non-stop games without a break. Coffee can only help you so much for focus and endurance.

The second study, the strategy game, was played by both elite and regular gamers. What was discovered was that the elite gamers practiced the use of hotkeys much more than the regular gamers did. At the beginning of the match, the elite players would cycle through their hotkeys, issuing commands that basically had no purpose. This was to warm up both mentally and physically for the match ahead.

So To Sum It All Up

So, in order to get better at gaming, and up your gaming game, you need a few things. Gear is important. Without the correct gear, you won’t be able to play for hours with correct posture. Practice is important, but not too much of it. You need a good balance in your gaming / real life. Lastly, watch your replays. Analyse your every move, and second guess your every decision. Keep at it, improvement is inevitable. Happy gaming!

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