Why Betting on Streamers Just Might Be the Next Big Thing in eSports?

Betting on the best eSports teams is something many among us love doing, regardless of the title or the tournament. Most people even have their favorite teams whose development they follow constantly. However, there is a new trend that becomes more notable as we discuss it. Some fans tend to only bet on streamers now, after coming to the realization that it is a flexible way of increasing their profit.

Many eSports online gambling and betting websites give their clients the opportunity to bet on streamers. The potential is huge and things are only just beginning to develop here. Of course, this new trend provides yet another different way for fans to place a bet on eSports. The new trend is another proof that the world of competitive gaming faces interesting changes and experiences growth like never before.

This Is What Wagering on Streamers Is All About

If you enter a platform designed especially for betting on streamers, you will find out that you can place a bet on a streamer’s gameplay based on dynamic odds. Yes, odds vary during the live action, giving you the ultimate chance to make a profit. What’s even better is that the odds are generated by an AI-powered software capable of analyzing a streamer’s past performance and a number of other specific features. All this means that a user willing to bet will receive the most accurate odds possible.

The different betting sites offer various options they developed themselves for user to wager on their favorite title, whether it is Fortnite, Dota 2, or League of Legends.

The Reason Why Putting a Wager on Streamers Is a Good Idea

While betting on tournaments such as The International and ESL is the preferred choice of most users, there should be an option for them to make some cash when there are no current events. Streamers offer action all the time, and this is why they are always a good alternative to put money on. Yes, it might be harder to predict, but it also gives a lot of opportunities for money making.

Betting on streamers is also easier, because it does not involve the hustle and bustle required by big events. It is also the best possible way for one to learn more about betting by the good old trial-and-

error approach, and allow them to make some money in the process. This is how a user could perfect their skills before diving into the world of betting on world-class eSports tournaments.

The Options Offered by Betting Sites

There are many ways for betting on streamers to be done. Some eSports betting websites even offer their users a combination of bets. The user could wager on a professional match or a tournament, and also bet on an individual streamer at the same time. This and the above-mentioned AI software make for one really good betting service. The users’ chances for placing a winning bet are much better this way.

As we already mentioned, many betting sites have already incorporated everything a user would need to follow and bet on a famous streamer and see the latest odds prior to placing their bet. The differences between these websites are mostly in the number of titles they have to offer. It is almost certain that soon all betting websites will offer access to betting on streamers regardless of the game title.

The Next Big Thing – Betting on Virtual eSports

The eSports field is growing bigger by the minute. Most users have yet to discover the possibilities related to betting on streamers, and this new concept means that betting on virtual eSports just might be a thing soon! It is actually quite similar to betting on virtual sports such as horse racing, but it is a lot more advanced, of course. The virtual platforms that will presumably be a common thing soon would allow users to wager on simulations based on previous teams playing different games.

It seems quite complicated, and it is, actually! Betting on virtual eSports involves special algorithms which use archived gaming techniques. This challenge is a whole new chapter of the world of eSports and betting in particular.

Last but not least, the opportunity to wager on virtual eSports means that betting could become an option available 24/7, because there would always be a match to bet on even if there are no current tournaments.

Sounds cool, right? Make sure you don’t stay behind on the newest trends and explore the world of betting while making a profit out of it!

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