SEGA Themed Video Slots Killing It In 2019

Being a SEGA fan means staying up to date with all the gaming releases due to the extraordinary power of popularity within the smaller community of online gamers. Not being able to access the games or the older consoles, makes SEGA gaming something of a novelty and playing SEGA themed games has now been made possible on all gaming platforms thanks to online casino gaming. Try your luck at online casinos like NoviCasino and maybe you will be the one lucky enough to find one of the following collectibles.

The SEGA Slots Application

Sonic is resurrected and brought back to life on both iOS and Android devices, a spectacular new introduction to the world of video slots. The free mobile gaming name is linked to a number of SEGA themed video slots games, all of which are based on Sega franchises. Want to find out more? Check it out here.

About the App

Available to both Google Play Stores and Appleā€™s App Store, Sega enthusiasts are able to download the trending application for free. Even there is a free to play option which allows you the freedom of enjoy the mobile slots features at no cost, there are in app purchases available for those wanting to further their gaming profile.

Featured Games

If you have any interest in Sega, you may recognize one of the following names which are available through the app:

  • Shinobi
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Golden Axe
  • Super Monkey Ball
  • Samba De Amigo

The theme is based heavily on a Vegas styled casino lobby which brings Sega into the casino gaming realm, with more functionality than imaginable.

Features of the Mobile Application

Being designed with modern mobile mainstream tech, players can expect a number of cool features. As an app account holder, you will be able to invite friends to play in the multiplayer slot feature, something unique to the mobile app. This is where up to six can gamble as a team and receive rewards upon winning together.

There are a number of eight initial slots. The catch? You will need to unlock all of slots before being able to play any one of them.

In addition to mystery, team work and incredibly interactive features, all levels offer bonus reward to add some excitement to the already adventurous application.

Through all the available features, you will find you are able to purchase more coins to prolong your gaming time online if you run out. Just as other games offer in app purchases or you await for a

friend to gift you a life, Sega Slots works in a similar matter, allowing you the freedom to continue gaming even when your account has been capped in free mode.

Invite your friends and show them the social gaming application that requires only a mobile device and internet connectivity to change the way they game. And as for the Sega audience, take your most beloved games with you wherever you go today.

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