Selected Non-Sonic Sega Classics

Sega is one of the most renowned video game developers and publishers in history. Famed for their output of much-beloved titles, they are best known for their legendary Sonic series, but the adventures of the blue-hued hedgehog are not the only great games they’ve produced. 

In fact, Sega has an entire back catalogue of brilliant picks in their archives, many of which deserve to be brought back into the spotlight and celebrated again. So, in the spirit of giving them the recognition they deserve, here are just a few of our all-time favourites – Sonic not included!   

Valkyria Chronicles

In our opinion, Valkyria Chronicles is not only one of the best games Sega has ever produced, but also one of the best strategy/RPGs ever created. The entirety of the series manages to hold its own even now, but the first game is inarguably the most ingenious. Set in a fantastical version of Europe, it charts the adventures of a rag-tag squadron of soldiers who are determined to save their country from fascist forces. Not afraid to shine the light on controversial issues including both guerrilla warfare and concentration camps, it is immersive, engaging, and will keep you occupied for hours at a time.   

Sega Rally Championship

Source: Facebook via Sega Rally Championship

Sega always did an amazing job of creating worlds you could get caught up in, and Sega Rally Championship was the epitome of its achievements. Released straight on the back of the brilliant Daytona USA, this 1994 game offered a realistic take on one of the most exciting kinds of motor racing. Leading the way in terms of including licensed cars – still a rarity in gaming at that time – it had deals with both Toyota and Lancia, hence the inclusion of the Celica and Delta in-universe. This gave it an added appeal to petrolheads everywhere, helping to secure its status as one of the greatest auto racing games ever.    

Caesars Palace

Available on the Genesis in the 1990s, Caesars Palace offered something a little different. Stretching your entertainment dollar to the hilt, it offered plenty of exciting casino gaming action, with over 11 different options to choose from. Tapping into the same gap in the market that makes live casino games so popular today – the desire to experience the pulse-quickening excitement of betting without having to leave the comfort of your own home – it’s no wonder it became such a hit. Our favourite part, however, was not the thrills and spills we experienced, but the chance to explore the intricately drawn and developed casino that served as the game’s backdrop. 

Two Point Hospital 

Source: Facebook via Two Point Hospital

It might be a more recent release than the other greats included on this list, but Two Point Hospital – which is now a Sega game on Steam – still deserves its spot. A hospital management sim, as its name suggests, its action takes place amongst a host of Freddie Mercury lookalikes, but that only serves to add to its charm. Starting off slowly before building up to its crescendo, it begins by being endearing and funny, before quickly proving its gravitas. A magnificent revival of the business management games that were so popular during yesteryear, Two Point Hospital has a surprising depth that’s sure to keep you hooked.   Tell us, which of these Sega classics is your favourite? 

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