Behind the Scenes of Bringing Classic Nintendo games to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has been a source of joy since the time of its inception. We have grown up playing so many unforgettable games on Nintendo, and it is only fair that we get to enjoy them ever now. Sega AGES series was a classic series of games that are now being ported to the Nintendo Switch so that more users are able to access these wonderful games.

If you think that you already know what they are going to be, you are wrong. They are much more than simple ports because they come with many bonus features. You will be able to renew your experience and discover new things. Plus, you can use a golden nugget casino bonus code to play some great online games, when you don’t want to play the Nintendo classics.

How were the games developed?

The work that has gone into the Sega AGES ports has been done mostly by M2. They are a group of talented developers who have put a lot of hard work into making and releasing these ports. They have not only worked with the source code, but they have also tried to make it as authentic as possible. They have tried to resemble the original hardware so that there is not a huge difference in the versions.

Nintendo Switch is slowly greeting the new Sega AGES releases one by one. The process began with the Sonic the Hedgehog and the famous Thunder Force IV. Since then, many other games have also been released on Switch. For example, you will also be able to play Outrun now as it released just last month. If reports are to be believed, there are a large number of Sega AGES classics scheduled to release this year.

The admirable thing about these releases is that the price has been kept really affordable. They are priced rather cheaply for ports which have been created with so much love and care. You will not find any compromises with the quality of the game simply because of the price tag.

What did they say?

The development team behind the Sega AGES stated that they began the project as an extension of their SEGA 3D Classics project. The titles which could not be released in the 3D Classics series along with the popular games from that series were chosen for the porting. As a result, a large number of the titles are from the 80’s. They promise that if the series runs longer, they will be including more games for different eras.

Developing the games for the Switch has been easier till now because the graphics resolution of the games has been upgraded from the 3DS.

When choosing bonus features, the team focused on those which would not take anything away from the game. The features that have been added to the games make them more fun. Along with difficulty options, they have also introduced some new gameplay angles so that everyone would be able to enjoy it. They have not deviated much from the original games as a token of respect for the original creation.

One title will be released per month in Japan. The upcoming release which is the game Gain Ground promises to be a riveting experience.

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