The Top 2019 Saga Games to Watch Out For

If you love your PlayStation, your Xbox, and your PC games more than you love your books (or your work, for that matter), 2018 must have definitely been a bomb year for you, considering all the games that were released the previous year. However, more and more offerings are coming up this year, and this year looks to be even more lit than the previous one… if such a thing is even possible! Yes, you can play online games after a reading of the review of the pala casino, but did you know that you can do so much more?

The Top Saga Games that You Can Play This Year

We have compiled a list of the top saga games in 2019 that you must keep your eye out for!

1.    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Released on January 18 on PS4 and Xbox One and to be released on February 1 for PCs, this is one of the first games to be released this year. This is the first release in over ten years for the Ace Combat series, and it brings old-school fun with a modern twist. It is one of the best franchises for people looking to play as fighter pilots. Even better? It is now also available in virtual reality on PSVR so you can enjoy it as you want!

2.    Concrete Genie

The release date for this one is still unknown, but this one will be available on PS4 and is for all those gamers who have an artistic side to them. Paint the town to save it from ruin and make buddies with the creatures you create. You also get to solve puzzles and tackle obstacles with the help of your paintings. This one has excellent graphics and is a colourful game with a healthy dose of action and adventure.

3.    Crackdown 3:

We know what the singletons will be looking forward to this February. Releasing on February 15, Crackdown 3 will finally be available on our Xbox and PC, thanks to Microsoft, after being delayed for years. We will see Terry Crews at the very front of all of the action happening in this game which is being touted as one of the most anticipated game releases of the year.

4.    In The Valley Of Gods

To be available only on PCs, the release date of this one is not confirmed as of yet, but this game from the house of Valve, play this game for action and adventure in the country of Egypt. Explore pyramids and more while going through this adventure. This one is one release to look out for, for sure!

Now that you know all the games you are to look out for this coming year, what are you waiting for? Save up (or not!) to pre-book all these games whenever they are available to be bought in the markets. Which of these are you looking to play first? Let us know in the comments below.

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