Are You Playing Too Many Video Games?

Let’s be realistic everyone can now make games which have in turn flooded the market. There was a time when video games were so rare that the little games which were available were held so dearly. On a platform such as Steam video games used to be released 20 times a week now, it’s 20 times a day.

You can attribute to this how the gaming industry has turned out more lucrative than any other industry. The numbers have been growing annually and it is not about to change. On the other hand, while other industries are cutting on the number of employees the gaming industry has a boom in hiring.

However, the oversaturated market has made it impossible for games to stand out in the market. However, there are games like Assassins Creed and Call of Duty that have made it big in the industry. But independent developers have continued to have a hard time to make a name for themselves. You can also try out games on sites like to spend your time.

What are the consequences if having too many games on the market?

When you take a look at a platform such as steam the number of games which are released every year has doubled since 2014. So far in 2018, there are over 6000 games which have been released on Steam, but only a few of them have sold more than 500 copies. An oversaturated market has made it impossible for games to make an impact like the way they used to.

Once a developer sees that a platform is not as profitable, then they will jump off to the next platform. Nintendo has seen a rise in the number of games which are being released. You have to hope that their sales don’t go down the drain like the latter.

With more games out there, game developers are fighting it out for gamers. One of the best video games this year has been Fortnite.  If for instance, even the most avid gamer plays for 14 hours of Fortnite every day then other games are left out. This means that there are gamers who are not giving a dime of their time on other platforms such as Steam.

Game developers have a need to capture their audience. But one thing that they fail to do is releasing a game at the right time. If you would like to crunch the numbers as a game designer then time should be of the essence and you might never know, a gamer might just establish a long relationship with your game.

When there are too many games, then it means the number of video game addicts is also on the rise. Researchers have been trying to prove the negative effects that are video games have on individuals. As you try and play every game that is released then high chances is that most of your hours are spent on video games. This can have adverse social and interpersonal effects on you.

Thus there should be a control body which regulates the number of video games. It is time video games go back to their glory days where you would wait for almost a month so that the next game would be released.

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