Top 3 SEGA Mobile Games You Can Download Right Now

Although the days of SEGA consoles may be over, there seems to be no stopping the company when it comes to smartphone apps. In fact, on the Apple Store alone, you’ll find two pages worth of games for you to try out. Of course, you can’t be expected to give them all a go, so here we’ve listed the top three that you can download right now.

3. Crazy Taxi City Rush

Despite having been released in 2014, Crazy Taxi City Rush continues to be a seriously fun title that can compete with even the newest smartphone app releases. Of course, fans of the original game will remember just how challenging yet rewarding this franchise can be, and the mobile game is no different.

Get ready to race through the streets of an oddly designed city searching for seriously brave taxi customers, just like you remember. Even the graphics aren’t that different if we‘re honest and you can still use the fares you earn to upgrade and customise your vehicles. This game can be exciting for people who haven’t played the original games, of course, but there’s sure to be a fantastic layer of nostalgia for those who have.

2. SEGA Slots

Over the last decade, slots have become an incredibly popular pastime for millions of players around the world. While fans of the fun machines used to have to visit land-based casinos to play slots, now they can access thousands of different games online and on their smartphones. This has also led to the rise of add-on sites that offer tips, guides and even welcome packages that include everything from bonus free spins to no deposit deals. Needless to say, the iGaming industry is gigantic, and with such a widespread reach it’s no surprise that SEGA decided to launch its own slots app.

What may be surprising for some, though, is that SEGA Slots was recently named the Best Slot Casino App of 2018 by Apple, due to its wide variety of Vegas-style games, all of which feature your favourite SEGA characters. If you’re a slot machine and SEGA fan then this is definitely the app for you.

1. Sonic Dash

At the top of our SEGA mobile games list, we’ve got Sonic Dash, a legendary app game available on smartphones as well as tablets. Much like what SEGA did with the popularity of slot games, the company also decided to create their own endless runner game following the success of games like Temple Run. Really, this wasn’t too out of the ordinary especially when we consider the fact Sonic the Hedgehog’s defining feature is that he runs really fast.

Sonic Dash just makes sense on so many levels and is thoroughly helped by the outstanding graphics and intuitive interface. We would have to say the experience could be improved by adding in a baddie like Dr Eggman for Sonic to run away from, much like in the old games, but even without that added layer, the game is still extremely fun. Just keep sonic running, collect the rings, dodge the obstacles and you’ve got yourself a true Sonic game that you can carry around in your pocket.

We hope you like these SEGA smartphone apps and let us know your favourites in the comments are below. Long live SEGA games!

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