Video Games Leading The Way With Female Stars

Half of all video gamers in the world are now believed to be female, but historically females have always been underrepresented in terms of the characters in the video games being played. There have been a few well known female characters to note, but not enough. Thankfully however this is changing now and many games are introducing female characters into their gameplay. So let’s have a look at some of the games featuring strong female characters.

Samus Aran – Metroid

Samus Aran was one of the first prominent female characters in a video game. She is the protagonist of the Metroid science fiction game, that was released in 1986. She is an ex soldier of the Galactic Federation and is usually fitted with a powered exoskeleton, which is equipped with an array of weapons. The female star carries out missions given to her by the Galactic Federation.

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is the main protagonist in the Tomb Raider series. She is a highly athletic and intelligent archaeologist who explores ancient tombs around the world and was first introduced to the gaming world in 1996. Lara Croft is considered to be a significant character in the gaming world and has 6 Guinness World records, along with a very strong following and was also successful adapted to film as well as an online slots game.

Heather – Silent Hill

Heather Mason, sometimes known as Cheryl Mason is the protagonist of the game Silent Hill and she is reincarnation of Cheryl Mason and Alessa Gillespie. Heather is on a mission in the game to get revenge and kill God. She was actually modelled upon French actresses Charlotte Gainsbourg and Vanessa Paradis.


This Egyptian queen is arguably the most beautiful, revered and renowned woman in history. The woman lived during a literate period and she was influential in the formation of the Roman Empire. A true romantic, if there ever was one, as she committed suicide with her love Mark Anthony. Nowadays, there is slot game themed on Cleopatra as developed by IGT, video games like Cleopatra fashion, theatre productions and even movies.

Yuna – Final Fantasy

Yuna is one of the main playable characters within 2001’s Final Fantasy X. She is a summoner who is on a journey to defeat the monster Sin, who is threatening the world. She also makes an appearance in Final Fantasy X-2, becoming a protagonist, who is trying to find Tidus 2 years after he has disappeared. Yuna can also be found in other games created by Square Enix, such as Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

Pauline – Donkey Kong

Pauline is the original damsel in distress who needs rescuing by Mario and first appeared in the game Donkey Kong. She is now also represented in the more recent Mini-Land games and is portrayed as a sweet, laid back and caring girl, with a sense of humour and eye for business. She was eventually replaced by Princess Peach as the damsel in distress in the Mario games by Nintendo.

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