Sega Sammy’s Brand New Headquarters in Tokyo: All You Need to Know!

Are you into gaming? It doesn’t matter whether you have played in one of the yesteryear Nintendo models or a handheld console, we are sure you have tried out a Sega game at one point of time or the other.

Even if you love playing online games with a PokerStars casino bonus, we are sure your childhood has had a lot of Sega. Well, the company has just launched a sprawling new headquarter in Tokyo!

All About the New HQ By SEGA

A few days ago, SegaSammy cordially invited journalists to its new headquarters in Ousaki, Tokyo. The invite included a press conference and a guided tour of the brand new facilities.

Firstly, Chief Operating Officer Haruki Satomi started off the day by explaining the reason for the move and the current safety measure which were undertaken in the new facilities.

Safety measures have become very paramount in Japan after the recent disasters which hit this year. Landslides and flooding have become one the deadliest natural disasters to hit Japan currently. More than 200 people have lost their lives.

According to Satomi, the new facilities have been designed to withstand any emergency scenario. If anything was to happen they have the proper tools to cater to their 6500 employees with food and water.

Sega Sammy offices were always scattered. They had ways planned to move to a more centralized office where employees could interact with each other. The new facilities include everything from a library to a bar, where people can meet and communicate with each other. It’s going to ensure that company culture remains friendly, at all times.

The headquarters have been dubbed the “Grand Harbor” because of the naval and ship theme. This is supposed to represent the group’s endless journey. There is an exclusive area dubbed “The Harbour” where guests can use.

Employees will get to enjoy a classic getaway to play the Sega games in the “Sega History”. This is an area which is a museum like for Sega Games and hardware. We all remember some of their games such as RTS Herzog Zwei as well as Contra: Hard Corps and The Adventures of Batman & Robin. They also made gamers forget about Nintendo.

There will also be an area called the ” Lighthouse” which is a hall that can accommodate 500 people. The 6,500 employees will be having a great area where they can get to interact.

But this cannot be compared to the “Journey’s Canteen” which can accommodate 2000 people.

Space is used for eating but serves alcohol after 6 pm. Moreover, it has a recreational space with a library and a video billiard.

The”Tunnel Tokyo” is also an area where people can relax and chill. The atmosphere is just cool enough to let work continue and for people to share their work ideas.

Other places in the brand new headquarters include:- the main reception desk, various offices, “Sammy’s World” which is a museum with all Sega Sammy products.

Employees are set to move in October.

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