Reminiscing About the Dreamcast On its Anniversary

Two decades ago, Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo ruled the gaming industry. You just didn’t have any other player back then. Today, you don’t just have the likes of XBOX and PS4 competing, you have plenty of other online games like the ones that you can play with promotion code from Harrah’s Casino, becoming popular.

So, how has the gaming industry changed in the last two decades? What are the top Sega games that you might want to play again?

Peta Moore took to Twitter to reminisce about Sega Dreamcast. This year marks its 19th anniversary since the game was successfully launched on September 9, 1999.

Sega Dreamcast modified the gaming sector to what we know today. It took gaming to this era and we can’t be any happier.

Moore talked about some of the best games that came out of the system. Some of the most famous games that came out on this set include:- Soul Calibur, TrickStyle, Hydro Thunder, Power Stone and many more.

A game like Soul Calibur was a must have a game during those old days. It shook things up for games such as NFL 2K and NBA 2K.

Sega Dreamcast could have continued to a big gaming corporate if only it did not venture into game publishing. Nintendo, on the other hand, has continued to push beyond its limit and become a gaming giant.

About the Dreamcast and What Made it Special

Honestly, Dreamcast was a machine that no one had seen before then. It was first launched in 1998, in Japan and went globally in 1999. Everything about it screamed success and that’s what made it special. It truly was revolutionary, and what the gamers needed then. It had a spaceship controller which was really cool at the time. Moreover, the memory units had additional storage which you could play mini-games.

Sega Dreamcast gained a lot of support and some customers really became loyal to the games. Games such as Phantasy Star Online and Sonic Adventure were a success and are popular even today.

However, it also had products which were commercial failures. For instance, games like Game Gear, and Sega 32X, didn’t quite cut it and were, mildly put, commercial failures. On the other hand, game companies such as Nintendo were launching GameCube which was a huge success. Moreover, other giants were coming up such as Sony who launched PlayStation and Microsoft ventured the industry with Xbox.

Dreamcast tried so hard to surpass the failure but it was inevitable. They even made it worse by taking the worst managerial solution to solve the crisis. They decided to lower the console sales especially of Saturn to sales which were no longer profitable.

Their fate was sealed when the access to the internet was such a hassle for many of their loyal supporters. Moreover, the massive controller was a bit too complex for users of that particular period.

Sega Dreamcast left a rich legacy. Some of their games such as Skies of Arcadia and Sonic Adventure 2, that were re-released on GameCube. It left a lesson to the existing gaming companies.

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