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This is clearly the age of the mobile app. Downloads are at a record high, and Google Play has never been busier. The most commonly installed apps? Games, by some margin. Angry Birds creator Rovio reported passing the 3.7 billion downloads mark last year, shortly before its $1 billion IPO

Apps are certainly big business, but they can also be a big inconvenience. For one thing, not everyone has the time or inclination to wait around for an app to install when they just want to complete a quick task or play a game. For another, we don’t all have range-topping handsets with seemingly inexhaustible memory. If you are operating at the budget end of the smartphone market, you’ll know space can be at a real premium and by the time you’ve installed the apps you really need, there’s precious little room for anything else.

It’s a phenomenon that Google was quick to identify. Its instant apps require no download, although clearly the aim here is for more of a “try before you buy” approach to premium apps. However, there are other Google tools, such as Google Sheets that you can simply use straight from the browser, no download, no installation, no hassle.

App free mobile gaming

Google is not the only company exploring app-free mobile gaming in this app dominated world, though. If your phone is bursting at the seams, here’s a selection of five very different games you can enjoy. The one thing they have in common is that no download is needed.

Snake 3310

It’s simple old-fashioned fun. Snake was the first game many of us played on a phone, and you can still play it today without having to download or install anything. Great fun for a trip down memory lane.

Lincoln Casino

From the retro to cutting edge. Online casino sites all the rage, but if you want to spin the reels or play some roulette on your Android without installing yet another app, comparison site Online Casino BlueBook says Lincoln Casino is the place to do it. There’s a huge choice of slots and table games and some serious bonuses for new players, so it’s definitely a tempting choice.

Speed King Pool

From one type of table game to another – there’s nothing like a quick game of pool as a stress reliever after a busy day. The objective in this one is to pot balls against the clock – clear the table and the multiplier comes into play and a new rack appears.

Tactical Squad

If you prefer your shooting to be more literal than with a pool cue, give Tactical Squad a try. You play the role of a sniper, but you only have seconds to identify and take down your target. Prove your worth and you can upgrade your firearms and move on to more advanced missions.

Truck Trials

What would happen if Sonic the Hedgehog met Micro Machines? Possibly, Truck Trials. Advance through increasingly tricky levels, avoiding obstacles and collecting power ups along the way – and all from the comfort of your monster truck!

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