Review: Far Cry 5

There is no stopping when it comes to releasing new blockbuster games for game developers and the newest video game doing the rounds currently is Far Cry 5. The game comes from the Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto stables and it’s available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game is to some extent a different creature from previous editions of the Far Cry series. Lovers of Ubisoft games can play online casino games from Ubisoft at its official site also.

About the game

Far Cry 5 is a new proposition at least in terms of location. Previous editions have been set in the Himalayas, the Tropics, and the Savannah but Ubisoft decided to have Far Cry 5 in Montana, US. As the game is a lightweight political commentary, it’s understandable that the developers wanted the game set in the US as it is drawing all the political noise due in part to its president, Donald Trump. Most of the game is set in the Montana forests where the chief antagonist resides.


The objective in Far Cry 5 is to reach the ‘Father’, a leader of a religious cult that is full of fanatics who do not want to see any stranger reach their leader. At the start of the game, you are tasked to undertake the journey to see the ‘Father’ and convince him of the bad that he is doing to his followers.

With a group of companions, you map out the strategy you are going to use to reach the cult leader. While studying the exact location of the ‘Father’, you realize that there are three sets of villages with the third and furthest one being the one housing the ‘Father’. As such, there is no other way than to pass through the first two villages that are full of religious fanatics. As you enter the first village, things go horribly wrong, the fanatics attack your vehicle and they kidnap your companions, only you manage to escape.

As you lose your friends, the clock starts to count down meaning you have no time to go after the kidnappers but you have to proceed with your mission to meet the ‘Father’ without your companions.

At this time, you are out of the first village and you have to devise a new strategy that will work otherwise, the game ends before you reach your destination. Far Cry 5 helps you at this juncture as it shows you the safest route to take if you want to pass through the first village. As such, you are forced to take the safe route but that does not mean you won’t encounter any challenges. You must walk stealthily to avoid detection at all times and you must use your persuasive skills to evade those who you meet on your way.

Once you maneuver your way out of the first village, there are no more hints or suggestions on the safest routes to take in the second village nor the third village. However, you need to use the skills you practiced while walking through the first village i.e. avoiding detection and using persuasion in order to reach your destination.

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