How SEGA is getting on the nostalgia fad

SEGA is around for more than two decades now and there is a lot of rumor around it regarding the latest financial report. Even though the company is moving forward, it has come a time in which they have to take a few steps back and let the nostalgia kick in. Just like any other console out there, they felt the need for reinventing stuff and becoming more visible to people. But it was really worth it? Let’s find out together.

Engulfed in mystery

For the moment there are no further details about the games that SEGA plans on bringing back to life and we also don’t have enough know-how to squeeze this information from someone in charge. Either way, if this move will happen it will take a major risk from the people at SEGA since it just seems they’re putting all their hopes into this.

Some unconfirmed rumors claim that Alpha Protocol will be the first game to be launched by this program. This has ups and downs, the good part being the fact it already generates a lot of attention and curiosity. But the bad part is that the original game did not really convince everyone, proof for that are the mixed review scores and quite a lot technical issues that had to be resolved.

Even so, most of the SEGA fans were delighted to be able to enjoy a game that, as developers stated, offers the three J’s. Alpha Protocol combines the stealth and melee focus of Jason Bourne, the marksman skills of Jack Bauer and the tech loving of James Bond. That’s a really cool thing for a game that also has such a complex story.

Gamers’ requests

It seems that the fans are not that interested in Alpha Protocol, their focus seems to be fixed on the revival of Golden Axe. This all-time classic was rebooted nearly 10 years ago to become available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, however, the style chosen by the developers did not really please the fans.

It was designed as a 3D hack-and- slash game and fans seem to want a beat’em up kind of game. So, here’s an idea that SEGA might want into consideration.

Apart from Golden Axe, big fans of SEGA games are also looking forward to seeing other classics like Comix Zone brought back to life. Comix Zone was one of the best platform fighting game of its era and with a proper revival and some good marketing, it can become a star once again.

VR as a possibility?

Even though SEGA are still being very shy when it comes to details about the revamping of some of their classic titles, the fans are really hoping for some VR adaptations of certain titles like Afterburner or Harrier. Or what other title is more suited for a VR revamp than the awesome Virtua Cop or a new Virtua Fighter? Until SEGA makes up their mind and if you’re a fan of VR online slots, give Quasar Gaming a try to kill some time.

The bottom line is that literally everything is possible when it comes to SEGA and we’ll all have to wait
and see what they’ll come up with in the end. Don’t keep us waiting for too long, SEGA.

Chris Powell

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