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Sonic 2 HD fan game demo now available to download

Chemical Plant looks as beautiful as ever, but I still hate its guts

It was just a couple weeks ago when the team behind the promising Sonic 2 HD fan game released a trailer for the highly anticipated game that really got us excited. Along with the trailer, they announced a demo would be made available on Sept. 30, and guess what, that day is here!

The demo allows you to play as either Sonic or Tails and includes Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant and Hill Top Zones.

The game uses the SonicOrca engine, which recreates the feel of the original Sonic games and allows for modern features and functionality that were not possible in 1992. Utilizing modern graphics technologies, SonicOrca enables the high resolution visuals and overhauled interfaces seen throughout S2HD,” according to the game’s website.

There are many people behind the development of the game, but Vincenzo Mastrorosato serves as the game’s project lead, with Rosen Iliev as the lead programmer. You can see a full list of the staff, both past and present, on the game’s website here.

You can download the demo for PC here.

Chris Powell

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