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Ristar launches as latest SEGA Forever release

Ristar now available on iOS and Android

SEGA Forever has been teasing Ristar on its social media channels over the last week. We suspected that Ristar might be released this week, so while we’re not surprised, we are excited for the latest SEGA Forever release to come out!

For those who aren’t familiar with the game, it’s a 2D platformer and you play as Ristar, an anthropomorphic star with stretchy arms (used for attacking enemies and grabbing ledges/poles/ladders). The story varies slightly between the Western and Japanese versions of the game (though it looks like SEGA Forever’s release is just the Western one). Essentially an evil space pirate, Kaiser Greedy, has used mind control to make different planets’ leaders obey him. In the English version Ristar’s father is a Legendary Hero, who is kidnapped by Greedy and Ristar goes on a quest to restore peace to the galaxy and save his father.

The slightly more exciting news is that, with the release of Ristar, it looks like SEGA has spent time updating the emulator. Gameplay/frame rates seem to be smoother than other SEGA Forever releases and there’s also some new features, such as customisable controls. plus the option to switch between original and smooth graphics (see gallery below).

I know things like the customisable controls are something that SEGA fans have been asking for, so it’s good to see that SEGA is missing and rolling out regular updates like this.

You can buy Ristar on the AppStore and GooglePlay now.



Graham Cookson

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